CIPR, 5:00PM, 18 March 2013 » CIPR TV: The Future of the Media with David Pemsel, Chief Commercial Officer, Guardian News & Media

CIPR TV returns live at 5pm on Monday 18 March and will focus on the challenges social and digital media present to news publishers, how this has disrupted publishers’ traditional role as packagers of content and the opportunities this creates for public relations. Russell Goldsmith, Digital and Social Media Director at marketiers4dc Group will be speaking to David Pemsel, Chief Commercial Officer at The Guardian.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 3 December 2012 » CIPR TV: the Leveson Report - a discussion

The next CIPR TV show is live at 5pm on Monday 3 December and will discuss Lord Justice Leveson’s Report from the Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press, published on Thursday 29 November. The show will be presented by Philip Sheldrake of Euler Partners. Philip will be joined in the studio by Michelle Stanistreet, General Secretary of the NUJ, and Jane Wilson MCIPR, CIPR CEO.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 26 November 2012 » Google and public relations

The next CIPR TV show is at 5pm on Monday 26 November and will focus on the use of Google products by PR professionals, including how the PR industry is utilising tools such as Google Analytics, SEO and Google AdWords. The show will be presented by Digital & Social Media Director at markettiers4dc, Russell Goldsmith. He will be joined in the studio by Google's Ian Carrington, Mobile & Social Advertising Sales Director, NACE, as well as Andrew Smith MCIPR, founder and director of escherman and co-author of Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 16 October 2012 » CIPR election 2012 - presidential debate

The next CIPR TV show on Tuesday 16 October will see the CIPR presidential candidates debate their priorities for the Institute, as they apply for the position of President-Elect in 2013. Broadcasting live at 5pm, the show's host and former CIPR President Kevin Taylor FCIPR will speak to Miti Ampoma FCIPR and Lionel Zetter FCIPR.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 13 September 2012 » Social Media and internal communications

The next CIPR TV show is at 5pm on Thursday 13 September and will focus on the latest developments in social media and its impact on internal communication. In the studio will be Mike Grafham, Head of Customer Engagement at Yammer and Jenni Wheller, Internal Communications Manager at SSP UK.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 20 June 2012 » The Wikipedia debate: will two communities collaborate or collide?

The next CIPR TV show will be at 5pm on Wednesday 20 June and will discuss the well documented (and sometimes volatile) relationship between the public relations profession and the Wikipedia community.

CIPR, 5:30PM, 17 May 2012 » Focus on public relations practice

The next CIPR TV show is on Thursday 17 May at 5.30pm and will be a debate over ethical questions raised by Public Relations practice, such as: in whose interest is PR practised? Is PR informative, persuasive, or misleading? And does PR really have obligations to serve a broader public interest?

CIPR, 5:00PM, 18 April 2012 » Public Affairs lobbying special

The next CIPR TV show starts at 5pm on Wednesday 18 April. It will be a Public Affairs special about the Cabinet Office’s proposals to introduce a Statutory Register of Lobbyists. CIPRTV presenter Russell Goldsmith will be joined in the studio by public affairs expert and former CIPR Public Affairs Group chair Iain Anderson, of Cicero Consulting and Tamasin Cave, director of Spinwatch and leader of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency. If you'd like to put a question to the panellists, please submit it via the question box below or tweet using the hashtag #CIPRtv.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 14 March 2012 » Mobile trends, tools and practices

The next CIPR TV show, scheduled for 5pm, Wednesday 14 March, will discuss the latest mobile trends, tools and practices and find out how you can make the most of mobile in your management of public relations. CIPR host, Philip Sheldrake, will be chatting to Simon Liss, Managing Director of We Love Mobile, and David Murphy, Editor of Mobile Marketing Magazine.

CIPR, 5:00PM, 22 February 2012 » NLA Copyright Tribunal interim ruling and what it means for PR

The next CIPR TV show, scheduled for 5pm, Wednesday 22 February, will discuss what the NLA Copyright Tribunal interim ruling means for PR. With guests David Pugh, Managing Director of the NLA, and Kevin Taylor, Managing Director of Robertson Taylor PR.