Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Mission, vision and values

We take our mission, vision and values very seriously here at the CIPR. Below is a full run-down of what we believe in.


We are the advocate and voice of the public relations profession, a champion of our professional interests, a respected partner to the broader communications community and a body that works in the public interest.

We enhance the reputation and understanding of the public relations profession and the professionalism of our members through the provision of world-class structures for the practice of public relations. We do this by providing education, knowledge building and sharing, research, excellent governance, conduct and ethics.


To be at the heart of a public relations profession that is widely respected for its professionalism and diversity, attracting the brightest people and where organisations, government, civil society and the public understand the value of what we do. A profession that:

  • has a reputation for, and is built on, best practice, ethical standards, research, practitioner and academic leadership

  • is as welcome and valued at the boardroom table as it is in all other areas of the organisations we support

  • makes an important contribution to society through our ability to build dialogue and trust, and is recognised for this contribution

  • is dynamic, collaborative and networked, reflecting the converged nature of communications and the pace of technological change.


  • honesty – we will be honest and transparent in everything we do

  • integrity – we will make the right decisions for our members and the profession, unencumbered by politics or short-term gain

  • diversity – we will reflect the diversity of our membership and the broader public relations community, in our activities and dialogue

  • respect – for opinion, expression, experience and contribution. All colleagues, members, partners and practitioners are valued and treated equally

  • professionalism – we will operate with integrity and respect; we will deliver the highest professional and ethical standards; we will not bring the profession into disrepute

  • sustainability – we will carry out our activities in a sustainable way and encourage our members and partners to do the same

  • collaboration – we are part of a global community - we will bring together talent to generate new ideas, opportunities and to tackle challenges.