Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Our organisation

Membership of our organisation is on an individual basis. We offer membership to PR practitioners at all levels in their careers and in all sectors, from those working in–house to consultancies, independent and freelance practitioners, both nationally and internationally.

There are various grades of membership (Fellow, Member, Associate, Affiliate, Global Affiliate, and Student) spanning different levels of experience and qualifications in PR. Membership assessment is rigorous and is based on multi-disciplinary experience and qualifications.

Membership figures have more than doubled in the last 10 years. Approximately 55% of our members are female – this has grown from 20% in 1987. 45% of our members work in PR consultancy and 55% work in-house. Two-thirds of our members are based outside London.

Organisational structure

We are a Chartered body led by a President, who is the Chairman of the Institute and the representative of the profession in the UK. The President is elected by the members every Autumn and is in post for one year. Members also elect our President-Elect and Honorary Treasurer.


The Council

The Council is our governing body. Council members are directly elected by the membership. Council oversees the activities of the Institute. Ultimately, all actions taken by our officers and staff are in the name of, and with the authority of, the Council.

Standing Committees

There are currently four Standing Committees: Membership, Professional Practices, Professional Development and Policy and Campaigns. Committee members are Council members with the support of a member of staff to provide advice and help. A Disciplinary Committee meets when necessary to consider references to it by the Professional Practices Committee. The Committees can co-opt non-Council members so that we have access to the right experience and expertise when needed.

Executive Board

Our day-to-day operations are supervised by the Executive Board, comprising a panel of non-executive directors. It is chaired by the President and consists of the Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Chief Executive and other elected members of the Council, including the chairs of the four Standing Committees.

Regional and sector Groups

We operate a number of regional and sector groups. These are run on a voluntary basis by a committee made up of members of the CIPR. All CIPR members are assigned to a regional group when they join.