Code of Conduct

Reputation has a direct and major impact on the corporate well-being of every organisation. That is why the professionalism of public relations practitioners is so important.

As the voice of the PR profession, we play a key role in setting and maintaining standards. We do this through a code of conduct which we encourage all our members to follow.

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Compulsory Ethics module

The CIPR has launched an interactive Ethics CPD module.

All CIPR members are accountable to our code of conduct, which provides the basis for our work in promoting professional ethics to members, their clients and employers and wider public.

Members of the CIPR are expected to develop and display "Ethical Competence", which is where their technical and strategic abilities as a public relations professional are deployed in an ethical manner, within the framework of the CIPR Code of Conduct.

Those who successfully complete the module can claim 5 CPD points and complete the compulsory Ethics element of CIPR CPD.

E-lesson (approx. 15 mins duration)

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Code of conduct e-lesson


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Code of conduct e-lesson