Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Chartered Practitioner

Chartered Practitioner* is awarded on an individual basis to members who have undergone a rigorous assessment of their professional expertise. It is not only a benchmark for those working at a senior level, but a 'gold standard' to which all PR practitioners should strive.

If you are a full Member or Fellow participating on our CPD scheme, you may apply at any time. Once you have passed and completed all three assessment stages – the Statement of Experience, a 3,000 to 4000-word paper and an interview – Chartered Practitioner accreditation can be awarded.

By highlighting successful participants as practitioners at the top of the public relations profession, accreditation not only benefits those who achieve it, but employers are also able to recruit talented individuals at senior level more easily.

Are you eligible?

A minimum of four years' membership is mandatory and at the time of applying you must be either a Member (MCIPR) or Fellow (FCIPR) and hold one of the following:

You will also need to provide supporting evidence of senior experience and current CPD participation.

Note: Chartered Practitioner accreditation can be withdrawn by us if your participation in the CPD scheme is discontinued or your CIPR membership lapses. It can be regained with full membership and 24 months' further CPD completion.

Apply for Chartered Practitioner accreditation

Applications for each stage of the assessment process can now be made all year round. Stage 3 interview dates will be scheduled throughout the year.

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Email Malcolm White, Education Officer: