Chartered Institute of Public Relations

CPD points

CPD points are awarded on a huge range of activities that improve your own skills and knowledge, support the development of others or make a contribution to the development of the PR profession.

You can include all CIPR learning activities, those organised by other providers, or those you undertake by yourself – as long as they are relevant to your professional development.

All your CPD points will be logged to one of two CPD streams. The number of points you need to log in each stream depends on your level of CIPR accreditation. Check the detailed information on CPD streams to see how this applies to you.

How many points can I get for my activity?

Here's an outline of how many points you can claim for different developtment activities. Just remember that your level of accreditation will affect how many points you need to complete in each stream. In addition, a maximum of 20 points each can be claimed for Networking and Reading Short Publications activities.

Stream 1: Developing your communication skills and knowledge

The following points are awarded for activities in this stream:

Training events

Five points for up to half a day or 10 points for each full day of training (workshops, briefings, masterclasses, inhouse training etc.) you complete.

Ad hoc learning

10 points for each learning activity in which you are learning about a new area of work or about a client or employer's business. You must have spent at least seven hours working on each project.

Being mentored

Five points for each personal development session in which you participate.

E-learning sessions

Five points for each e-learning session (webinars, podcasts, online video etc)


Five points for each formal networking event you attend (up to a maximum of 20 points).

Reading: books

10 points for each relevant communications or business book you read.

Reading: short publications

Five points for each short publication you read (policy papers; academic papers and employer or chartered body (or similiar) short publications only), up to a maximum of 20 points.


20 points for each significant and relevant research project you undertake - you must have spent at least 14 hours working on the research project.

Studying a CIPR Diploma or Advanced Certificate

You can record 60 points for each course you study (even if your course runs over two calendar years - for example if it starts in Sep 2014 and finishes in Sep 2015 - you can still only claim 60 points per course). You can't claim points for studies carried out in a previous year.

Study: full-time or part-time

60 points for each year of full-time study, and 30 points for each year of part-time study, you complete.

Stream 2: Supporting others

The following points are awarded for activities in this steam.

Authoring books

Up to 60 points for each relevant comms or business book you author or co-author, and 10 points for writing CIPR skills guides, best practice guides or case-studies.

Providing mentoring

Five points for each personal development session you deliver.

Committee participation

20 points for annual participation (at least 14 hours) in CIPR or other committees, boards, panels and working groups.

Delivering training

10 points for each training session or presentation you deliver in a voluntary capacity outside your regular or primary work load. Any development or learning you undertake, for example research or reading, to prepare can be included under the appropriate activity type.

Judging award submissions

10 points for judging of CIPR award submissions (or other relevant awards).


20 points for work related or community benefit voluntary work (at least 14 hours) where you are assisting others by using your communications and/or PR skills.

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