Membership is by annual subscription. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

UKUK (Direct Debit)Overseas
Member or Fellow£217£197£197
Global Affiliate£83

*Student membership is free to students on courses recognised by the CIPR prior to June 2015.

Admission fee

If you are joining the CIPR (or your membership has been lapsed for more than 12 months) you will also need to pay a one-off, non-refundable admission fee of £55.

More than two of you?

If at least 3 people from the same organisation join at the same time we will waive the £55 joining fee, saving at least £165. Send the applications in together and make sure each is clearly marked with the code 'CIPR3'. Membership is still awarded on a individual basis. This offer applies to new members only.

More than 10 of you?

If you're joining or renewing at least 10 individuals from the same organisation, please email membership@cipr.co.uk to discuss our bespoke memberships scheme.

Payment breaks and discounts

We aim to support our members throughout their careers and across career breaks. We offer a range of membership payment plans designed to help existing members keep up their membership and accreditations during maternity, paternity or adoption leave, part-time working, unemployment and retirement. If you're an existing member, please contact the membership team to discuss your membership options.

No tax or VAT

Your membership subscription is tax deductible if you pay it yourself. Include your membership subscription in your annual tax return or write to your tax office with details of your subscription so that your tax code can be adjusted. There's no VAT on your membership fee either.

iprovision voluntary contributions

iprovision is the CIPR's benevolent fund, meeting the needs of those members who are seriously ill, experiencing hardship or without work. Members are asked each year if they would like to pay an additional discretionary payment of £10 towards the Institute's benevolent fund. Members receiving support from iprovision, the CIPR's benevolent fund, are exempt from the membership fee. To talk confidentially with someone from iprovision, email administrator@iprovision.org.uk.