The CIPR Diversity Strategy, developed by our Diversity Working Group, aims to develop an inclusive culture, raise general awareness of diversity within the public relations industry and increase the number of public relations practitioners from all backgrounds.

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Diversity strategy

We intend to tackle these external issues by leadership through 5 key areas of work:

  • improve understanding of PR in communities in which diversity is not a visible career option
  • a best practice approach to internships
  • a competence-based approach to recruitment
  • a best practice approach to re-employment and return to work
  • take steps to tackle glass ceiling issues.

Improve understanding of PR in communities in which PR is not a visible career option

We will:

  • work with others across the industry to achieve this, asking agencies and employers to lend support and expertise and to work with us to make this happen
  • seek to embed this into its work as an ongoing benefit to the profession.

A best practice approach to internships

We will:

  • establish minimum expected standards for a best practice internship
  • aim to balance out the need to ensure that internships are at the same time ethical and open to the widest possible number of people, without seeking to make it harder for employers to offer valuable opportunities to people seeking to gain access and experience.

A competence-based approach to recruitment

The CIPR intends to help establish recruitment criteria for entry-level jobs in the profession. These will be based on ability and potential and to work with employers and recruiters to establish a competence-based approach to employment in public relations. We will engage experts and provide employers with guidance on how best to deliver this approach in practical terms.

A best practice approach to re-employment and return to work

The CIPR will examine training programmes to see what they are providing and how we could better assist practitioners returning to work after an extended absence:

We will:

  • establish a mentoring scheme aimed at members who are returning to work
  • provide better guidance for both the returning practitioner and the employer.

Take steps to tackle glass ceiling issues

We will:

  • clarify the position on glass ceiling issues relating to under-represented groups in senior management through further research
  • engage with employers and members and will seek guidance from beyond the industry in developing a best practice approach to addressing glass ceiling issues.

The CIPR also intends to tackle these internal issues by leadership through three key areas of work:

We will:

  • work towards an inclusive industry-wide approach to improving diversity in PR
  • look at enshrining the principles of diversity into both our policy and practice
  • investigate what resources are available in order to champion diversity.

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If you would like to learn more about our commitment to tackling diversity issues in the public relations profession, please email andrewr@cipr.co.uk.