Crisis and issues management

CIPR trainer: Magnus Carter, Dr Jon White.

Workshop aim

You will learn to identify the risks that face all organisations and how to prevent them from escalating into reputation-threatening crises. The workshop also outlines tactics for effective communication during crisis response.

Who should attend?

Suitable for all communication managers or PR account executives who are likely to have operational involvement in identifying risk issues, crisis planning, and incident management. It is relevant for both experienced staff and relative beginners.

What to expect

  • to share the experience and knowledge of fellow professionals through facilitated discussion
  • extensive reference to case studies and practical work on both real and imaginary scenarios to reinforce learning
  • an interactive course, limited to 12 delegates.

Workshop objectives

Participation in the workshop will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • identify and manage risk issues before they become crises
  • recognise and tackle organisational cultures that incubate crises
  • improve issues and crisis communications planning
  • assess the threat to reputation of an issue or incident
  • defend or enhance reputation through adversity
  • know what to say when things go wrong
  • understand comparative roles of social and traditional media in a crisis.