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Surname Name CIPR Honours Non-CIPR Honours Member Grade Accredited & Chartered Status
Aad Carmen Affiliate
Abalasei Irina Student
Abbey Katherine MCIPR Member
Abbiss Elizabeth MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Abbott Charlotte ACIPR Associate
Abbott Delphine MCIPR Member
Abbott Maria MCIPR Member
Abbott Richard ACIPR Associate
Abbott Stan MCIPR Member
Abbott Tim MCIPR Member
Abd Aziz Salina Global Affiliate
Abdrakhmanova Olga MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Abdul Salam Mohammad MCIPR Member
Abdul Samad Mohammed MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Abdullah Bin Suhaim Mohammad Global Affiliate
Abdullahi Yunusa Tanko Member
Abebe Ann-marie Student
Abele Lydia MCIPR Member
Abercrombie Claire MCIPR Member
Abila Millicent Global Affiliate
Aboh Mary Student
Abomeli Caroline MCIPR, Dip CIPR BA(Hons), MA Member Accredited Practitioner
Abraham Bhagya Student
Abraham Catherine MCIPR Member
Abu Omar Sawsan Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Achall Seema MCIPR Member
Achelis Thomas Affiliate
Achillini Sophie MCIPR Member
Ackermann Louisa ACIPR Associate
Adair Penny MCIPR BA(Hons) Member
Adam Andrew MCIPR Member
Adamolekun Wole MCIPR Member
Adams Hayley Student
Adams Ian MCIPR Member
Adams Ian MCIPR Member
Adams Nicky MCIPR Member
Adams Nicole MA, MCIL, Dip TEFL, Diploma Marketing Communications, Certified PR Consultant Global Affiliate
Adams Sam Student
Adams Stephanie MCIPR BSc, MSc Member
Adams Steven MCIPR MSP/PRINCE2(Prac),PgD Public Affairs Member
Adamson Polly ACIPR Associate
Adcock Malcolm MCIPR FIoD Member Accredited Practitioner
Addenbrook Bethany ACIPR Associate
Addison Suzanne Student
Addley Michael MCIPR Member
Addo Karolina Affiliate
Adebisi Olumatosin MCIPR Member
Adedokun Sunday MCIPR Member
Adefeko Tosin MCIPR Member
Adekola Tolulope Student
Adekoya Ochuko MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Adekunle Adejoke MCIPR Member
Adeleke Paul MCIPR Member
Adem Chloe Global Affiliate
Aden Ascia Student
Adenegan Lore Student
Adeola Temitope Student
Adepoju Michelle Student
Adesina Idris MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Adetomi Chika Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Adetona Carol MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Adeyemi Adeyinka Global Affiliate
Adeyemi-Hastrup Adedapo MCIPR Member
Adeyinka Adebola Global Affiliate
Adkins Helena ACIPR Associate
Adlam Jack MCIPR Member
Adler James MCIPR Member
Adley Roger MCIPR Member
Adlouni Hareth Global Affiliate
Adusei Ama Student
Adutwim Charlene MCIPR BA(Hons), MA Member
Afenyo Gladys Yawa Dodzi Student
Afolabi Mosunmola Student
Agar-Hutton Melisaan MCIPR Member
Agarwal Nicholas MCIPR BA(Hons) Member
Agatep Carlos MCIPR Member
Aghahowa Adesuwa Student
Aglaia Papamikrouli Student
Agnew Nathalie MCIPR Member
Agocs Carolyn MCIPR Member
Agop Diana- Cornelia Student
Agu Ulunma ACIPR Associate
Agyen Takyi Rita Global Affiliate
Ahad Lena MCIPR Member
Ahearne Brian MCIPR Member
Aherne Bridget MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Ahir Ashok MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Ahlberg Ian Student
Ahlstrom-Vij Radha MCIPR Member
Ahmed Ahmed MCIPR Member
Ahmed Bernadette MCIPR Member
Ahmed Farhana Student
Ahuja Louise MCIPR Member
Aigbomian Omoholo Student
Aiken Alex FCIPR Fellow
Aiken Toby MCIPR Member
Aikhomu Titilola ACIPR Associate
Ainger Nicola Mary MCIPR Member
Ainsworth Jane MCIPR Member
Ainsworth Kevin MCIPR DipM MCIM Member
Airey Clare MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Aitchison Ian MCIPR Member
Aitken Carol MCIPR Member
Aitken Catherine MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Aitken Emily Student
Aitken Isla MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Aitken Lindsay MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Aitken Lucy Student
Aitken Susan MCIPR Member
Akapo Daniel Student
Akbari Shaima Student
Akeju Emmanuel Student
Akeju Niyi MCIPR BA(Hons), MA Member
Akers Anne MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Akhtar Ash MCIPR Member
Akielan Polly ACIPR Associate
Akiga Juliet ACIPR Associate
Akinola Bolaji MCIPR Member
Akinsuli Bamidele MCIPR Member
Akinwumi-Reid Jessica MCIPR Member
Akinyemi Olayemi Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Akram Naila MCIPR Member
Akrofi-Assem Elizabeth MCIPR Member
Akrofi-Daniels Jeremina Student
Akwetey Cecilia Student
Al Abdissalaam Hatim Global Affiliate
Al Ajmi Jassim Global Affiliate
Al Alawi Mariam Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Al Amri Sultan Global Affiliate
Al Ansari Nader Global Affiliate
Al Bardooli Jasim Global Affiliate
Al Buainain Mubarak Global Affiliate
Al Busaidi Zawana MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Al Elaiwi Noora Global Affiliate
Al Fadhil Maha Global Affiliate
Al Haddad Mohammed Global Affiliate
Al Harbi Abdulhakim Global Affiliate
Al Harthy Said Amur Global Affiliate
Al Hinai Salim Global Affiliate
Al Jahaidli Saad Global Affiliate
Al Khadhuri Ahmed Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Al Mughairfi Zainab MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Al Nassr Al Nassr ACIPR Associate
Al Otaibi Nouf Affiliate
Al Qadi Zuhair Global Affiliate
Al Remaihi Abdulaziz ACIPR Associate
Al Sawafi Ismail Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Al Shehri Abdullah Global Affiliate
Al Shekaili Abdullah Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Al Sheriqi Fatima Global Affiliate
Al Shikh Alisar MCIPR Member
Al Tamimi Jasim Student
Al Zakwani Talib Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Al-Aajel Aref MCIPR Member
Al-Abdulla Lulwa Global Affiliate
Al-battashi Basim Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Al-Elaiwi Abdulla Global Affiliate
Al-Kaabi Noora Global Affiliate
Al-Khalifa Hissa Hamad Global Affiliate
Al-Marri Ali Zayed ACIPR Associate
Al-Samarrai Louay MCIPR Member
Al-Shammari Ghadin ACIPR Associate
Al-Sulaiti Muna ACIPR Associate
Al-Thani Noora ACIPR Associate
Alasow Ikram Student
AlBin ALi Rashid Global Affiliate
Albon Helen MCIPR Member
Alder Damon Student
Alderson Caroline MCIPR BA (Hons) Member
Alderton Mark Affiliate
Aldis Katrina Student
Aldrich Darren Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Aldridge Andrew MCIPR Member
Aldridge Jonathan MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Aldridge Peter MCIPR MBA, PGDip, BA (Hons) Member
Alessandra Luca MCIPR Member
Alexander Cornelius Found. Chart. PR, Dip CIPR, FCIPR Fellow Chartered Practitioner
Alexander David Dip CIPR, Found. Chart. PR, MCIPR Member Chartered Practitioner
Alexander Georgina MCIPR Member
Alexander Gillian MCIPR Member
Alexander Glynis MCIPR Member
Alexander Jillian MCIPR Member
Alexander Joni MCIPR Member
Alexander Luke MCIPR Member
Alexander Michael MCIPR Member
Alexe Maria-Cristina Student
Alfaisal Abdulrahman Global Affiliate
Alfred Priscilla Priya MCIPR Member
Algarni Sameer Student
AlHenzab Alnoud Global Affiliate
Ali Arman Alan MCIPR Member
Ali Kasim Student
Ali Louise MCIPR Member
Ali Mohammed Student
Ali Sana ACIPR Associate
Aliyeva Jamala MCIPR Member
Alkuwari Bashayr Student
Alkuwari Maha Student
Allan Anna Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Allan Charlotte ACIPR Associate
Allan Dave MCIPR Member
Allan Jacqueline MCIPR Member
Allan Luke Student
Allanach Katherine Student
Allaway Robert Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Allbrook Deborah MCIPR Member
Allcock Charmian MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allen Amy MCIPR Member
Allen Beverley MCIPR Member
Allen Caitlin MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allen Charlotte MCIPR Member
Allen Gareth MCIPR CMgr, MCMI Member
Allen Holly Student
Allen James MCIPR Member
Allen Jo Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Allen Joanne MCIPR Member
Allen Matthew MCIPR Member
Allen Peter MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allen Ruth MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allen Tom MCIPR Member
Allen-Clarke Laura MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allez Sarah MCIPR Member
Allford Louise ACIPR Associate
Allibay Bankole MCIPR Member
Alligan Lucy MCIPR Member
Allison Hilary MCIPR Member
Allison Louise ACIPR Associate
Allison-Forbes Melissa ACIPR Associate
Allister Benjamin Student
Allister Rosemary FCIPR DipPR(CAM) MA Fellow Accredited Practitioner
Allman Lesley MCIPR Member
Allman Ruth MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Allott Philip MCIPR LLB(Hons) MCIM MIOD Member
Allred Natalie MCIPR Member
Allsop Douglas MCIPR Member
Allum Robert MCIPR Member
Ally Wahad MCIPR Member
Almohannadi Suhair Global Affiliate
Almudaweb Haider Student
Almujaini Khalid Student
Alnajjar Zuhair Global Affiliate
Aloma Jasmine Student
Alter Abigail ACIPR Associate
Altus Darren MCIPR Member
Alvarez Crespo Luis Student
Alwan Eman Student
Alys Kathryn ACIPR Associate
Amanfo Chineze Global Affiliate
Amankwah Mavis MCIPR Member
Amanor-Wilks Adisa MCIPR Member
Amar Sushila Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Amaraizu Ebere Global Affiliate
Amaso Ibiere Student
Ambrosi Mario Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Ambrosi Susan MCIPR Member
Amer John MCIPR Member
Amin Elahi MCIPR Member
Amiri Tarra ACIPR Associate
Ammonds-Nutt Chloe Affiliate
Amo-Mensah Mavis MCIPR Member
Amoah Ama MCIPR Member
Amor Melanie MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Amoros Rodriguez Anabel Student
Amos Caroline MCIPR Member
Amos Colleen MCIPR BA(Hons) Member
Amos David ACIPR Associate
Amourdedieu Paul MCIPR Member
Ampoma Miti FCIPR Fellow
Amponsah Libby Student
Amundsen Joackim Student
Anandam Evelyn Student
Anaokar Maya MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Anastasiadou Kleanthi Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Andani Anar MCIPR Member
Andena Marta Student
Andersen Eimear MCIPR Member
Anderson Ailsa MCIPR LVO Member
Anderson Aime MCIPR Member
Anderson Aimee MCIPR Member
Anderson Amy MCIPR Member
Anderson Angela MCIPR Member
Anderson Claire MCIPR Member
Anderson Deborah MCIPR Member
Anderson Elisabeth FCIPR Fellow Accredited Practitioner
Anderson Emma MCIPR Member
Anderson Fiona MCIPR Member
Anderson Gail MCIPR Member
Anderson Iain FCIPR Fellow
Anderson James MCIPR Member
Anderson Jim MCIPR Member
Anderson John MCIPR BA Hons Member
Anderson Karen Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Anderson Lucy ACIPR Associate
Anderson Matthew MCIPR Member
Anderson Neil MCIPR Member
Anderson Neil MCIPR Member
Anderson Nicole Student
Anderson Paula MCIPR Member
Anderson Penny MCIPR Member
Anderson Rachel MCIPR Member
Anderson Ross MCIPR Member
Anderson-Smith Jodi MCIPR Member
Andersone Eranta MCIPR Member
Andersson Jenny MCIPR Member
Andrew Ian MCIPR Member
Andrews Allyson MCIPR Member
Andrews Katie Student
Andrews Nicholas MCIPR Member
Andrews Nicola MCIPR Member
Andries Alexandra Student
Andritsakis Ann-Maree MCIPR Member
Andrzejewska Magdalena MCIPR Member
Angbazo Anna ACIPR Associate
Angelini Anna MCIPR Member
Anglin Jacquie MCIPR Member
Angus Jamie MCIPR Member
Angwenyi Norah Global Affiliate
Aniemena Elizabeth Student
Annand Vicky MCIPR MCIM, MCIB Member
Annison India MCIPR Member
Ansell Tony MCIPR MSyl Member
Anstead Alan Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Antaloaia Alexandra Student
Anter Jumanah MCIPR Member
Anthony Iman Student
Anthony Julia MCIPR Member
Anthony Lorraine MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Antill Sarah MCIPR Member
Antonsen Julie Student
Anugerah Pratiwi Student
Anwar Ammar Student
Anyaegbunam Frederick Global Affiliate
Apilado Janice Student
Aplin Jacqueline MCIPR Member
Aponso Nalin MCIPR Member
Apostolescu Mihaela Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Appiah-Dodoo Ruth MCIPR Member
Appleby Carole MCIPR Member
Appleby Matt Found. Chart. PR, FCIPR Fellow Chartered Practitioner
Appleby Sue FCIPR Fellow
Appleton Jane MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Appleton Joni MCIPR Member
Arandjelovic-Laws Nadia Global Affiliate
Arbon Caroline Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Arbon Emily MCIPR Member
Arbuthnot Charles MCIPR Member
Arbuthnot Penny MCIPR DipPR Member
Arch Antonio MCIPR Member
Archard Lucy MCIPR Member
Archer Erin Student
Archer Ross MCIPR Member
Archibald Charlotte MCIPR Member
Ardeleanu Theodora Student
Argent Samantha Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Argo Stewart MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Ariano Jeanette MCIPR Member
Arlow Pippa MCIPR Member
Armer Emma MCIPR Member
Armitage Cheryl MCIPR Member
Armitage Laura MCIPR Member
Armour Wendy MCIPR BA Hons MIHM Member
Armstrong Emma Affiliate
Armstrong Fay MCIPR Member
Armstrong Fiona MCIPR Member
Armstrong Noel MCIPR Member
Armstrong Paul Student
Armstrong Shelley MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Arnold John MCIPR Member
Arnold Merry ACIPR Associate
Arnot Alison FCIPR Fellow Accredited Practitioner
Arnot Ian Student
Arnott Gordon Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Arredondo Ana Student
Arrow Catherine Found. Chart. PR, FCIPR Fellow Chartered Practitioner
Arrowsmith Hilary MCIPR, Dip CIPR BA(Hons) Member Accredited Practitioner
Arter Amanda FCIPR Fellow
Arthur Carol MCIPR Member
Arthur Christine MCIPR BA Hons Member
Arthur Elaine MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Artioli Roberta MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Arturi Angelina MCIPR Member
Arun Anketha Student
Asante Nicole Student
Asanuma Tomoko Student
Asbury Julie MCIPR Member
Ash Tim MCIPR Member
Ashade Oluwaseyi MCIPR Member
Ashama Juliana Student
Ashbridge Kelly Student
Ashbury Rebecca MCIPR, Dip CIPR Member
Ashby Marie-Christine MCIPR Member
Ashby Mark MCIPR Member
Ashcroft Elizabeth ACIPR Associate
Ashcroft Sophie MCIPR Member
Ashe Caroline MCIPR Member
Asher Dipesh MCIPR Member
Ashford Anne MCIPR Member
Ashkanani Jassim MCIPR Member
Ashley Chrissie MCIPR Member
Ashman Anna MCIPR Member
Ashman Caroline MCIPR Member
Ashmeel Hajer Global Affiliate
Ashton Kate MCIPR Member
Ashton Katie MCIPR Member
Ashton Lucy MCIPR Member
Ashton Richard MCIPR Member
Ashworth Catherine MCIPR Member
Askam Megan Student
Askem Rachael Student
Askew Taimar Student
Askey Sam Student
Aspery John Hon FCIPR FAIE FIABC Honorary Fellow
Asquith Rebekah Student
Asser James MCIPR Member
Astarita Mark MCIPR MICFM Member
Astle Richard MCIPR Member
Astles Rebecca MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Astley Simon FCIPR Fellow
Aston Katie MCIPR FRSA FRGS Member
Aston Sally MCIPR Member
Aston-Gregg Elizabeth MCIPR Member
Atack Martha MCIPR Member
Atanda-Lawal Fuad MCIPR Member
Atcha Saeed Student
Atha Kate MCIPR Member
Athanasiou Rodoula Dip CIPR Global Affiliate
Athanatos John MCIPR Member
Atherton Elizabeth MCIPR Member
Atherton Rachel MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Atimno Ebun MCIPR Member
Atkin Suzanne MCIPR Member
Atkins Chloe ACIPR Associate
Atkins Donna MCIPR Member
Atkins Leoni MCIPR Member
Atkins Lorraine MCIPR BA Member
Atkins Michelle MCIPR MSc PR Member
Atkinson Caroline MCIPR Member
Atkinson Christopher MCIPR Member
Atkinson Guy MCIPR Member
Atkinson Mel MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Atkinson Michelle MCIPR DipPR (CAM) Member Accredited Practitioner
Atkinson Montarna Student
Atkinson Nathaniel MCIPR Member
Atkinson Paul MCIPR BA Member
Atkinson Richard MCIPR Member
Atkinson Sarah MCIPR Member
Atkinson Sarah MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Atta Sarah MCIPR Member
Attenborough Guy MCIPR Member
Attenborough Lisa MCIPR Member
Attenborough Lucy ACIPR Associate
Attwood Chloe Student
Atutu Agbo Student
Atzeni Martina Student
Au Yeung Ming Student
Aucott Kathy MCIPR Member
Audah Rana MCIPR Member Accredited Practitioner
Auger Kerry ACIPR Associate
August Kelly MCIPR Member
Aujla Beverley MCIPR Member
Austerberry Harriet MCIPR Member
Austin Carol MCIPR Member
Austin Claire MCIPR FRSA Member Accredited Practitioner
Austin Julian MCIPR BA(Hons) Member Accredited Practitioner
Austin Leonie MCIPR Member
Autukaite Egle Student
Avanzini Silvia Student
Averill Claire ACIPR Associate
Avery Phil Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Aveyard Louisa Dip CIPR, MCIPR Member
Avory Graham MCIPR Member
Awadh Adnan Global Affiliate
Awe Janet MCIPR NUJ Member
Awere Karen MCIPR Member
Awogbamiye Tola MCIPR Member
Ayebare Allen MCIPR Member
Ayeni Adekunle Global Affiliate
Ayland Alyson MCIPR Member
Aylward Jenny MCIPR Member
Aylwin Richard MCIPR Member
Ayoade Marilyn MCIPR Member
Ayodele Anthony MCIPR Member
Ayoub Haya Student
Ayres Vanessa MCIPR Member
Aziba Ebose Student
Azubogu Sylvester Dip CIPR Global Affiliate