Speech given by Aimee Postle, Trustee, Iprovision 

I’m here today to talk to you about the PR industry’s benevolent fund – Iprovision. 

For more than 50 years, Iprovision has been making a meaningful difference to the lives of CIPR members who have fallen on tough times. 

Let me tell you some stories. 
There’s Frank, who needed a helping hand to buy a suit for interviews when he returned to work after a prolonged absence. 

And Liz, whose family circumstances meant she was in danger of not completing her CIPR studies; we stepped in to help fund the final qualification costs. 

David had retired from the PR industry but found himself in debt due to unforeseen housing maintenance costs. We put him in touch with a debt counsellor to help alleviate his worries. 
Colin, Abigail, Beatrice and Gillian were all impacted by cancer – from childhood leukaemia through to terminal diagnoses. We supported them and their families to create happier memories through challenging times. 

And what about Laura? She wanted support to make her garden accessible after ill health meant she was using a wheelchair.  
These are just some of the people – names have been changed – who have benefited from support from Iprovision over the years. 

We help people stay in their homes, continue their studies, access employment opportunities, manage periods of ill health, and spend precious time with their families during end of life care. 
The Iprovision mental health hotline gives members instant access to accredited counsellors. We offer referrals to debt advisory services and provide support through the current cost of living challenges. 

We alleviate money worries, provide access to careers advice and support, and help people to rebuild their lives after trauma. 
None of which would be possible without the kind donations from CIPR members, past and present. Thank you.  

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the CIPR, it’s a privilege for me to stand here today and preview the Iprovision 75 Fund, which will be officially launching later this Spring. 
The Iprovision 75 Fund will further extend the reach of our support – offering an initial £75,000 pot to help lift people out of potential poverty by providing support for training, education and qualifications.  

We will be working with CIPR regional and sectoral groups, PR consultancies and in-house teams, universities, colleges and training providers to identify and support potential applicants looking to develop their career in public relations. 

In particular, the Iprovision 75 Fund is aimed at supporting social mobility and diversity within the PR profession, targeting funds towards those from socially or financially disadvantaged backgrounds.  

What does this mean in practice?  
We’ll be releasing eligibility criteria and application processes over the coming months as part of this year’s CIPR at 75 Celebrations.  

But, now, we’re looking for partners who would like to collaborate with us to ensure we reach the individuals and groups who will benefit most from our support.  
You can speak to me or any of our other Trustees here today, or reach out to Chair of Trustees – Kevin Taylor – to share your ideas.  

I’ve been a CIPR member for just over 15 years’ and an Iprovision trustee for the past year.  
But, until I became a trustee, I didn’t have a great deal of knowledge or interest in what Iprovision does – it didn’t impact me. 

That’s something we want to change. Iprovision is here to support the whole industry, from those starting out in their careers to those who’ve given their entire working life to PR.  

So, my second request of you today, is to think about how you too can spread the word about Iprovision.  
In a world in which ‘permacrisis’ was the 2022 word of the year, we may all know someone who could benefit from that helping hand. Let’s make sure everyone who needs our support knows how to access it.  

Thank you for letting me speak to you today and I wish you all the best with your celebrations.