Celebrating our 75th anniversary, we went in search of the ultimate public relations Campaign that Changed the World. A panel of experts curated campaigns from 1948 to the present, each demonstrating the enduring power of PR in driving positive change and shaping history.

Following a public vote, the campaign that received the most votes was the 2000-2009 campaign to launch the iPhone.

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Rosa Park's Bus
1948/59 Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
An emblematic move against racial segregation that ignited the US civil rights movement and provided the blueprint for modern protests worldwide. 

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1960/69 Civil Rights Movement in the United States
The inspiring journey of social reformers in the US, using high-profile protests to bring forth legislative changes and for racial equality and justice.

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Martin Luther King
the rain forest
1970/79 The First Earth Day
The beginning of a global environmental movement, capturing public consciousness about air and water pollution, fostering an enduring commitment to our planet.

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1980/89 AIDS Activism: a medical breakthrough
A transformative campaign driving research, treatment, and public health prioritisation for AIDS, while creating enduring positive shifts in societal attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

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medical research lab
two jumbo jets
1990/99 Virgin Atlantic vs British Airways
A David vs Goliath battle that exposed unethical practices, captured the public imagination, while highlighting the power of creativity to challenge established players.

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2000/2009 iPhone Launch
An industry-defining moment that marked the advent of the smartphone era, fundamentally transforming the ways we communicate, work, and live. 

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mobile phone being used
Climate change protestors

2000/2019 Climate Change: The Paris Agreement
A pivotal global agreement to combat climate change, marked by strong collaborative efforts and coherent messaging that resonated globally. 

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2020/2023 COVID: vaccinating the world
An extraordinary worldwide effort to combat the biggest public health risk of the century, demonstrating the power of collaboration and communication in the face of a global crisis.

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COVID vaccine centre