'Diversity' is an all-encompassing term acknowledging differences such as gender, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic background, disability, religion/faith, and age. The CIPR measures diversity within the public relations industry and produces research and reports as we look to raise awareness of diversity issues and develop an inclusive culture across the PR profession.

External Reports & Resources

As you transition out of pandemic mode
This guide outlines why D&I matters, exploring the changes and associated challenges as we transition our organisations to a new normal.  

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BBC Equality Information Report - 2016/17

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Channel 4 - 360 Diversity Charter

Ofcom - Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Television 

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Access for all: inclusive communications 

Reaching more people in sport and physical activity through inclusive and accessible communications.

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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

A diverse and confident Government Communication Service, which is illustrative of modern Britain where talent thrives.

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Government Communication Service - Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2016/2017

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Articles and Blogs

Featuring blog posts, articles and opinion pieces, this section is updated regularly with the latest posts on diversity in public relations and the wider business community.