How iprovision could help you and/or your dependents (see eligibility criteria at the bottom of this page): 

Iprovision can offer confidential guidance and support when things get difficult for you and your family for any number of reasons, including - but not limited to:

  • long-term or terminal illness,
  • mental health conditions (stress, anxiety, depression),
  • periods of unemployment or low income,
  • relationship breakdown,
  • caring responsibilities,
  • bereavement,
  • facing other set-backs.

These circumstances may lead to difficulties in meeting everyday costs or accessing the right support so can have a severe impact on quality of life.

This is where iprovision can help:

Financial support

If you are experiencing financial difficulties because of an unexpected need or life changing circumstance, iprovision can offer grants to help you meet the costs, including - but not limited to:

  • short term payments towards everyday living
  • replacement house appliances (fridge, washing machine etc.)
  • mobility aids (wheelchair, mobility scooter etc.)
  • home adaptations to support continued independent living
  • clothing (such as for school uniform or job interviews)
  • Funeral costs
  • Car repair costs
  • Costs towards relocation or move home
  • Travel or hospital parking
  • Respite care, or care breaks
  • Safety and security home repairs

Careers and wider support

In all circumstances, iprovision considers wider support to help applicants in the longer term. We may be able to provide financial support for careers coaching to help with job prospects or support professionals to stay in touch with their professional body and networks. We can also put you in touch with money and debt advisory services.  We can also signpost to local and national services that may be able to help.

CIPR membership fees

Members receiving support from iprovision may be entitled to abatement of CIPR membership fees for up to a year.

Note: all applications and grants are assessed on an individual case basis

Stress support 

Stress can lead to problems sleeping and with the current Covid 19 situation you may be having problems that you haven’t had previously.  iprovision has been working with Sleepstation to make available a guide to sleep, tailored to PR professionals, that you can download.

Download guide


Beneficiaries may be:

  • Current members and staff of the CIPR and their dependents
  • Former members and staff of the CIPR and their dependents

Our support worker will work with you to understand the financial and surrounding circumstances of need, in order to assess eligibility and the grant decision. Applications are anonymised before being considered by iprovision Trustees. All decisions are based on information available and discretionary. 

Applicants for financial support must be receiving, or in the process of applying for, all state benefit support they may be eligible for. We cannot support expenditure that has already taken place. Please get in touch if you have concerns related to this at the earliest opportunity.