Studying for a CIPR qualification takes drive, commitment and hard work. But everyone says the rewards are well worth it.

1. Secure the job and the salary you want.
A CIPR qualification speaks volumes to employers. Our State of the Profession research shows those with professional qualifications receive higher salaries than their non-qualified counterparts.

2. Earn global recognition and respect.

A CIPR qualification isn’t just the UK benchmark in public relations.  There’s a global community of #CIPRQualified professionals. In the past year alone, more than 130 international students from 32 countries have studied with us, learning from each other and passing on their knowledge and experience.

3. Transform your work.
Your qualification will have a positive impact on your work from day one. You’ll be able to apply your learning to everyday tasks and challenges immediately, bringing a broader perspective and new ideas.

4. Be confident in your capabilities.

Your deepened understanding will boost your confidence. The knowledge you gain will allow you to back up your decisions, persuade others and grab opportunities to move up.

5. Study flexibly around work and home.

No need to take a sabbatical or move away. All our qualifications are flexible. You can study around your busy lifestyle. Choose weekend classes, online learning, or a blend of both.
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CIPR qualifications are accredited by the Global Alliance