In mid-December we launched a smart new website complete with a new version of MyCIPR.

The new website is powered by a new CRM so you may remember we wrote to you last year to tell you about some actions you should take ahead of the switchover. If you didn’t get around to taking those actions or didn’t spot what was changing, please don’t worry, here’s what you can do:


want to renew, or request an invoice or receipt for your membership?

MyCIPR lets you manage your membership on our brand-new website. You can login to see your payment history and retrieve invoices/receipts and make payment as needed. You can even add a Purchase Order number to be displayed on the invoice if required. Once logged in, click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen to see your profile. If your renewal is now due you will see a ‘Pay Now’ button. To download your invoice head to the ‘Payments’ tab. 

If you haven’t logged in before to MyCIPR on our new website

Just click on ‘Forgot Username’ and enter your email address to send a link to create a password. Clicking on ‘Forgot password’ or entering your old MyCIPR username and password from our previous website will not work.

If you joined us after 30 November 2019

You will find details of our CPD scheme here. You will be able to access all of our webinars, skills guides and podcasts and you can use this manual submission form to submit your CPD activity manually. Providing you log 60 points for learning activities and send your form to us by midnight on 29 February 2020, you will be able complete CPD for 2019/2020.


Members Logging CPD

MyCIPR and MyCIPR passwords

Your MyCPD password is fixed and cannot now be changed or reset. It may be different to your new MyCIPR password. If you didn’t manage to make a note of your old MyCPD password, we’re unfortunately not able to reset it for you – this is for technical reasons - but this won’t prevent you from completing CPD. Just keep a track of your learning activities using this manual submission form and submit it by the CPD deadline on 29 February. If you had already logged activities and are not sure of your points balance, email us and we’ll check where you are up to.

How can I access CPD content if I can’t access MyCPD?

There are more than 100 learning resources on the new CIPR website. Don’t forget you can make custom submissions too. Most learning that you do will count! Visit the CPD section of our website to download our CPD handbook and find out more. 

Looking for your CPD history?

If you know your MyCPD password, you can save your CPD records by clicking “CPD History” in the top right of your dashboard. If you have lost your MyCPD password, your CPD history is safe and we can retrieve it for you. Email us to ask for a copy.

My CPD password is correct – it’s still not letting me in

If you’re certain you’re using your longstanding CPD username and password, it’s worth trying them in a different browser, or clearing your cache. Some members have told us that this has helped them to regain access. Your old password will still work, but unfortunately, we’re not able to change or re-set this for you at this stage. If you are unable to login to CPD, you can still submit using the manual process outlined above.

On 1 April we're launching the brand new MyCPD

We’re busy building a new version of MyCPD with some great functionality and features. This will launch on 1 April and will be available via your MyCIPR dashboard when it’s ready. If you have any questions about these changes or need our help, please email or call us on +44(0) 20 7631 6900 (option 1).