PR's Transformative Powers in the Gulf States

PR's Transformative Powers in the Gulf States

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Narratives of Growth: PR’s Transformative Power in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Discover the future of public relations at "Narratives of Growth", where we will discuss public relations as a transformative force across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This session brings together leading PR experts from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to discuss the significant role of strategic communication in economic innovation and cultural integration. Delve into how public relations can preserve unique cultural identities while propelling societal progress. This event is essential for professionals eager to enhance their expertise, expand their networks, and influence the evolving public relations landscape.

Event Date: 4 June 2024

Event Time: 10:00-11:00 am (BST-GMT+1)


Speaker Details

Dr Thamer Baazeem, Chairman of the Marketing Association of Saudi Arabia

Thamer is a seasoned Marketing and Communications Executive with over 18 years of international experience. With a PhD in Marketing from Queensland University, his expertise spans strategic marketing and PR in government and private sectors. Holding leadership positions such as Chairman of the Marketing Association of Saudi Arabia and Director at the Islamic Development Bank, he excels in stakeholder engagement and strategy. His work is deeply rooted in supporting initiatives like Saudi Vision 2030, emphasising impact, continuity, and credibility.


Reem Masswadeh, Head of Communications at The PR Academy MENA

Reem is an accomplished communications professional with extensive experience in high-level PR agencies. Holding specialist diplomas in digital communication and PR from CIPR, she excels in modern strategies. Her contributions have earned recognition, including awards from MEPRA and PRCA Digital Awards 2023. With a global career spanning USAID and UNIFEM, Reem led communication for UAE government accounts. A member of Dubai Business Women Council and CIPR, Reem founded The PR Academy MENA, modernising communication through innovative campaigns, she drives impactful results, exemplifying commitment to excellence.


Nooralhuda Aljlas, Member of the CIPR International Committee

Nooralhuda, with 15 years of experience in PR and strategic communications, is a CIPR accredited PR practitioner and a committee member of both CIPR internal communications and international. She began her career in 2009 as a TV Presenter and News Anchor in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She holds a Master's in Business Administration in Performance Management from Ahlia University and a PR Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. An influential community figure, she co-founded the "Essential with Yusuf Aljlas" podcast and actively engages in international sports performance in football and in volunteer work that supports cultural development.


The event will be facilitated by Steven Smith, Strategic Communication Management Professional. With 20 years of expertise, Steven Smith is a leading strategic communication expert specialising in corporate communication, brand leadership, and public relations. He is a certified Chartered PR Practitioner and serves on the CIPR International Committee Steven plays a strategic role at Marafiq, a leading integrated utility provider of power, water, and gas services in Saudi Arabia. He is pursuing a PhD at the University of Johannesburg, where he is developing an innovative capability framework tailored for strategic communication practitioners in Saudi Arabia to reinforce their strategic roles in response to sociocultural changes.


Contact: Steven Smith
Email: [email protected]

04/06/2024 10:00 - 11:00
GMT Daylight Time

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