Role of the Finance Director

Role of the Finance Director

Course aim
The modern finance director role has evolved. Once upon a time, it was seen as the member of the board that enables the commercial strategy of the business, but now it is seen as the strategic advisor to the Managing Director, and also the “public face” of the business.

From the shop floor to the big investors, a finance director can articulate the business effectively, how to drive growth and create value. In order to fulfil the role successfully, they need to implement some of the basics to ensure effective financial management, and to deliver the information the leadership team needs to make informed decisions.

Who can attend
This course is aimed at aspirant and existing directors, keen to develop requisite skills or refresh their knowledge.

What to expect
This course provides an opportunity to gain insights into a Finance Director's responsibilities and equip yourself with the essential knowledge to apply within the role. It will also look at your financial strategies and how they would best support the corporate aims of your company, especially within an ever-changing environment.


  • Financial Leadership
  • Best practice systems, processes and controls
  • From an explainer of the past, to the foreseer of the future
  • Align the organisation around its strategy with more integrated planning
  • Developing digital strategy with go-forward plans, tracking digital maturity
  • Your relationship with the Managing Director
  • Boardroom conflicts
  • The ethical dimension - providing accurate, objective, understandable information
  • Build insights, perspectives, and risk profiles
  • Your circle of influence affects your business
  • Exploiting value from business partnering

Course objectives
Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Reshape the finance function to a modern, fit-for-purpose team
  • Provide accurate and appropriate information to the board
  • Understanding the elements of a financial strategy, and how you can add value
  • Become that strategic advisor to the Managing Director
  • Develop your “soft skills” in order to manage the behaviours and relationships with the board
  • Create healthy tension by earning the right to challenge every aspect of business performance
  • Influence others and surround yourself with the right people to boost your reputation
25/09/2023 09:00 - 17:00
GMT Daylight Time
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