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Are you insider risk ready?

Are you insider risk ready?

Are you insider risk ready?
Your people are your greatest asset, but if you employ people, you also have insider risk. The rising cost of living, organisational distrust and increasing levels of online organised crime are all making the incidence of insider events like leaks, sabotage or even staff-based violence, more commonplace. And yet 60% of organisations do not have a plan to manage insider risk appropriately.  
In the 7th event in the CIPR Crisis Communications Network’s 2023 event series, we will bring together communication and security specialists, to explore how organisations can build their resilience by adopting a truly integrated approach to managing insider risk. The session will also be informed by a new guidance report from the National Protective Security Authority (to be shared with participants after the event), examining the crucial role of communications in preparing for, managing and recovering from insider events.  
The term ‘Insider’ does not suggest ill-intent. In fact, NPSA defines an insider as: “any person, who has, or previously had, authorised access to or knowledge of the organisation’s resources, including personnel, facilities, information, equipment, networks, and systems”. Whether insider events are intentional or unintentional, they should be identified within risk assessments and managed accordingly.  
Insider events are distinct from other crises, and can strike at the heart of how an organisation operates and manages it people. They can tear teams apart, have a lasting impact on culture and destroy trust from within the organisation. The good news is that an engaged workforce can help reduce the likelihood and impact of an insider event.  
Chaired by Rod Cartwright, the Network’s Special Advisor and Network Co-Chair, Katherine Sykes, the panel will incorporate:
• HM Government Security Expert, National Protective Security Authority 
• Fiona Walters, Regional CEO, UK and Ireland, G4S 
• Jenni Field, Founder and Director, Redefining Communications and Past President, CIPR 

They will explore how insider events require a different approach from generic crisis communication, discussing how breaking down organisational siloes, working with cross-functional teams to create a safe and open culture, great leadership and regular communication can help organisations prevent, manage and recover from insider events.
We are also delighted to be collaborating with the CIPR Inside group on this exciting event, reflecting the critical role of internal communication, employee engagement and organisational culture in this ever-growing area of corporate risk.  

Contact: Felix Östman
Email: [email protected]
10/10/2023 13:00 - 14:15
GMT Daylight Time

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