CIPR Course Recognition Contract - 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2025

Please complete the form below for your course(s) to be recognised by the CIPR. All mandatory fields must be completed in order for us to be able to process your application.

Once we have received a completed contract, we will invoice you accordingly.


All fees are subject to VAT

Initial fees

  • First year entry fee for a new course at a new university                                                           £580
  • First year entry fee for a new course at an existing university                                                £460
  • First year entry fee for a new module at a new university                                                         £460
  • First year entry fee for a new module with an existing recognition at university        £130

Annual renewal fees

  • The annual renewal fee per CIPR recognised course/module is £460. Additional courses/modules are £70 each thereafter.
  • The first year entry fee will not be charged to existing recognised courses at the onset of the new scheme (annual renewal fees still apply).
  • Courses (or Universities) who discontinue their course recognition and restart at a later date will be charged the first entry fees (unless the course(s) did not run in the academic years affected).
  • Fees do not include any individual or Corporate Affiliate memberships (students or academic lecturers).
  • Fees must be paid by 15th August to cover the coming academic year.

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