Last November, we challenged our members to find one hour each week for their continuing professional development with the CPD Kickstart Challenge. 

The Kickstart plan was designed to help you fit CPD into your busy schedule in a way that works for you, with a choice of 20 of our latest and most popular CPD activities to get you started. 

The challenge officially ended on 30 November but if you didn't get the chance to join in, you can use the Kickstart plan to refocus on your CPD at any time.

Getting started

1. Set your goals in MyCPD.  Here is a simple CPD goals template (pdf download)  to help. Once you have written your goals down, add at least one to MyCPD to earn your first 5 CPD points. 
2. Choose your activities from the Kickstart plan below. You can also download the Kickstart plan   (pdf download) and keep it handy.  
3. If the Kickstart activities aren’t right for you, you can search 100s more in the MyCPD platform. 
4. Block time in your calendar for learning - one hour each week is great - and record your learning in MyCPD as you go.  

kickstart plan

Week 1

Paid Social Media Management  (Webinar)
Copywriting   (Webinar)  
Doing Diversity Differently   (Podcast)
How to Stop Procrastinating (Influence article)

Week 2

AI and Big Data Readiness  (Report)
Web Essentials for PR  (Webinar)
Building Resilience    (Podcast)
Ethics Q&A with the CIPR President  (Influence article)

Week 3

Social Storytelling (Skills guide)
Managing Teams During Lockdown  (Webinar)
Hybrid Working   (Podcast)
CIPR Excellence Awards  (Case studies) 

Week 4

Introduction to Influencer Marketing  (Skills guide)
Reviewing your Crisis Comms Plan  (Webinar)
Inspiring Social Purpose   (Podcast)
Ethics of the All-Staff Email   (Blog)

Week 5

Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing  (Skills guide)
Change Communication   (Webinar)
Strategic Communicators  (Podcast)
How to Rock at Online Meetings  (Influence article)


 Find out more about CIPR CPD in the CPD Handbook (pdf download).