The CIPR Knowledge Panel was established in Spring 2020 to promote participation in continuing professional development (CPD) through reviewing, maintaining, and developing the CIPR’s CPD library and wider knowledge content. 

“CPD is the route to professionalism in PR. In an industry that never stands still, CPD is how you proactively develop the knowledge and skills you need to stay relevant and at the top of your game."
(CIPR, 2020)

MyCPD is the CIPR’s member exclusive CPD scheme. Information on how to access your MyCPD dashboard, as well downloading the CIPR CPD handbook can be found here.

The CIPR Knowledge Panel is comprised of volunteer members from diverse specialisms in PR practice and academia. It seeks to be representative of the industry and Panel members are appointed by the CIPR each calendar year. 

The Panel works in collaboration with the CIPR Knowledge Manager and CIPR Membership team to drive quality professional development opportunities for CIPR members.

What do we do?

1. Approve new learning content to be made available to members via the CPD platform, and determine how many points each activity should contribute to members’ CPD.
2. Review existing learning content and, from time to time, remove content that is becoming old, or less relevant to members.
3. Decide whether to accept content from third party providers as ‘Auto-approved’ content.
4. Determine which areas of CPD are most relevant to different job specialisms, so that the CPD platform can recommend appropriate learning activities to members based on their job specialism.
5. Maintain the GBOK framework at the heart of CIPR CPD and populate with quality content.

Panel Members

  • Dr Sarah Roberts-Bowman, MCIPR – Chair
  • Naomi MG Smith, MCIPR – Vice Chair
  • Aimee Postle, MCIPR
  • Charlotte Dimond, Chart.PR, MCIPR
  • Divya Kota, ACIPR
  • Nichole Culverwell, Chart.PR, MCIPR
  • Sheena Thomson, Found. Chart. PR, MCIPR

We work with

  • Graham Kench – CIPR Membership & CPD Manager
  • Dr Heather Yaxley – CIPR Knowledge Manager
  • Sukhjit Grewal – CIPR Director of Professional Development & Membership
  • CIPR Membership Team
  • CIPR Council & Board as appropriate

Criteria for allocation of CPD points

The newly formed Knowledge Panel is currently working on developing a fresh approach to what knowledge and CPD will look like in the future, in particular how CPD can remain relevant to career development in a world that seems to be changing and becoming increasingly complex. There will be more on this in the new year ahead of a new CPD cycle.  
In the meantime, a holding position is being put in place to bring consistency and transparency to CPD point allocations.  This will be in place for the next six months and the criteria is shaped by the quality of the materials (though this should be a given if it has the CIPR name to it); the quality of the speaker (e.g. expert in the chosen topic); the time a member will need to take to complete the activity with a clear difference between a skills guide or a one hour webinar and a more lengthly undertaking; and whether the activity is regionally relevant or has a focus on professionalism.  It is also worth remembering that there are strategic areas that CIPR content should align to and these are outlined here: 

Building a resilient community of practice 
Leading practice development 
Championing lifelong learning and the value of chartership 
Advocating for public relations with employers, clients and the wider public 

Based on the above, and following a review of recent material that has been presented to the Knowledge Panel, a framework is as follows: 

Skills Guides - 5 points 
Practice/Skills focused webinars/podcasts - 5 points 
Half day events - 5 points 
Full day events - 10 points 
Academic PR books – 10 points

Events that are purely networking (now in a virtual environment) should not be considered CPD per se and have points assigned.  If, however, an individual feel that they have connected with another practitioner or individual and gained some specific development and learning from that interaction this can be logged as a custom CPD activity. Other material will be judged on its individual merits against the criteria above.  Thanks for your support on this and the CPD team and the Knowledge Panel look forward to working with CIPR members in ensuring the CIPR remains at the forefront of continuous learning and development. 

Suggest an Activity for the CPD Database

You can suggest new CPD activities for us to list by completing this form. All suggestions will be reviewed against criteria laid down by the Knowledge Panel. 

Contact details

If you have a query, please send an email the Chair of the Knowledge Panel and either Sarah or a member of the panel will be in touch.