2020 Workshop Programme

We offer a series of one and two day workshops designed to enable business leaders to tackle the challenges presented by the external environment, against the backdrop of unprecedented political uncertainty in the UK and overseas.  For each topic, delegates will gain an understanding of the current context and the tools to help them navigate the trends, mitigate risk and respond to opportunities.  The workshops are delivered by CBI thought leaders and policy experts at a range of locations across the UK and in Brussels.

Campaigning and how to influence

• The need to navigate the current political uncertainty and communicate your messages in a clear, impactful and persuasive way to influence the policy debate has never been greater. Drawing on the experience and expertise of the CBI’s campaigns team, you will gain the insight you need into the key developments in the UK’s political landscape, helping you to develop a strategy for your business to navigate these trends. 

• Sharing some of the tools and techniques the CBI uses in its headline campaigns, this workshop will analyse how the political and campaigning environments have evolved, the key steps in planning your campaign and how to execute your strategy effectively to achieve your campaign goals.

Understanding and responding to external risks

• An unpredictable political environment is the new reality in the UK.  This presents business with a new layer of complexity in anticipating and understanding external risks and how to mitigate them.  Without a review of all potential sources of external risk, some may get overlooked, exacerbating the challenges facing business.

• Armed with the CBI’s latest intelligence and access to government insights, you will leave this workshop with the knowledge needed to adapt your business plans to the changing environment, and make better, evidence-based decisions.  This workshop will help you understand what the impacts are likely to be, and enable you to mitigate the risks, and identify the opportunities presented, through an open and frank discussion with experts and peers.

Engaging with local stakeholders and understanding devolved decision making


• Faced with increasing disparity in productivity and growth in the regions of the UK, it is essential for business leaders to understand how they can drive the prosperity agenda across the UK. With the ongoing devolution of powers to local areas, and a continued focus on place based industrial strategy, regional engagement is key.

• On this workshop you will explore the opportunities and risks devolution presents to business and how to navigate influencing at different levels of local government. You will gain an overview of the relevant political and socioeconomic context and learn about the leading role business can play in ensuring economic growth is redirected across the regions. The session will also focus on how business leaders can plan for this change, working collaboratively to forge partnerships with local stakeholders, institutions and other businesses. 

How to work effectively with Brussels and the EU institutions

• As we move towards a new era in our relationship with the EU, it is essential for business leaders to understand how to engage with and influence the European Union.  

• Join this workshop to build your understanding of the organisational dynamics of the EU, how to build networks with the key stakeholders and where to access core information on policy, regulation and standards. You’ll be immersed in the “Brussels bubble” for real time discussion and analysis on the issues facing businesses looking to work within the EU and with individual member states. 

How to influence UK trade policy – delivering for your business

• With a confused picture around future trading relationships with the EU, US and others, what’s next for UK politics, the trade policy agenda?  

• Draw on CBI’s wealth of political knowledge, get the latest insight and ensure you are well prepared for future trade arrangements with the EU and other trading nations. Understand how WTO terms may affect your business model and learn how the UK Government is working with industry partners to help build global recognition of UK excellence.

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