The CIPR awards Fellowships to members for outstanding contributions to the CIPR and the public relations profession. 

Our Fellows play an important role at the Institute: we look to our Fellows to help promote professionalism, demonstrate best practice and raise awareness of the benefits of CIPR membership.

Our Fellows hold invaluable experience of PR, communications and business practice, and are able to provide a unique insight into the profession and the issues facing communicators around the UK. Our Fellows help the Institute develop best practice standards and policies, sharing their experience and knowledge by contributing to the Institute's working groups, panels and consultations.

CIPR Fellows have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the development of the Institute and the wider profession.

It’s an honour to receive a Fellowship and in return, Fellows are willing to give back to the industry by helping those in early stages of their career, speaking at events and act as ambassadors for the CIPR. The Fellows’ Forum is developing plans for quarterly and annual activities, which includes the prestigious lunch at the House of Lords and a masterclass series, to name just two.

The criteria 

If you are not self-nominating, you must be a CIPR Member (MCIPR) or Fellow (FCIPR) to make a nomination. The nominee must be an Accredited or Chartered PR Practitioner and  you must include strong evidence of at least five of the following statements listed below under each category:-

CIPR experience and commitment:

  • Leadership, engagement and support of CIPR events and networks (sector and regional groups)
  • Engagement in topical issues and raising the profile of the CIPR’s involvement and contribution to these
  • Facilitating the CIPR objectives to raise professional standards by the promotion of the profession to younger practitioners/graduates
  • Encouraging colleagues to take up CIPR membership and become involved with CIPR committees, activities, events, awards and professional development offerings
  • Judging the quality of submissions (e.g. CIPR Excellence and Pride awards or experience as an examiner assessing undergraduate/postgraduate assignments in the discipline of PR)
  • Speaking at CIPR events to further professionalism and highlighting the importance of best practice and sharing best practice
  • Promoting the CIPR Code of Conduct and ensuring best practice in the context of business ethics
  • Creating employment opportunities in public relations, in line with best employment practice and the CIPR’s guidance on Internships
  • Working with business to promote PR as a strategic funtion.

Leadership of, and commitment to the profession:

  • Strategic business advice and guidance through an advisory role (panels, committees, councils or boards across the industry or academia)
  • Significant career appointments (i.e. operating at director level of major national/international organisations)
  • Awards and recognition (i.e. top 100 corporate communicators, CIPR Excellence, CIPR PRide)
  • Recognised leader in one or more PR disciplines
  • Advising on good governance, regulation, policy and quality and standards
  • Enhancing the reputation of public relations through commitment to excellence
  • Effectively and positively influencing political and constitutional proposals that affect the profession
  • Lead by example, share best practice and demonstrate innovation through reflective and critical analysis of practice
  • Inspire, motivate and mentor individuals working in the profession or those who are new to the profession
  • Publish research findings, analysis and conclusions in academic journals (e.g. Public Relations Review, Journal of Communication Management, Journal of Public Affairs) and business publications.

Maintaining Fellowship:

  • To maintain a Fellow status the individual must complete their CIPR CPD each year (unless retired).

fellowship nomination process

Nominations will be reviewed midday, on four dates in 2024. 

Monday 25 March 2024 - nominations to be received by Thursday 21 Mar. midday. 
Monday 24 June 2024 - nominations to be received by Thursday 20 Jun. midday. 
Monday 16 September 2024 - nominations to be received by Thursday 12 Sept. midday. 
Monday 9 December 2024 - nominations to be received by Thursday 5 Dec. midday.

Nominations will need to be received two working days before the review date to be considered. Nominations received after this will be reviewed the following quarter. 

Proposers complete the Fellowship nomination form on behalf of the nominee including a statement of experience and commitment to the profession including leadership. Proposers may download examples (PDF) of the types of qualities a statement might include.  

The nominee should demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution to the Institute/development of the public relations profession. He/she is invited to provide an additional career statement to back up and enhance the nominator's statements.

  • Members can self-nominate to become a fellow
  • They will need to include 5 signatures from CIPR members to support their nomination
  • They should include a personal statement of no more than 1000 words
  • People can nominate anytime of year and they are reviewed once a quarter by a dedicated CIPR staff member (running January to December)
  • CIPR staff will review the form and verify the 5 signatures are CIPR members and check the personal statement reflects the criteria.
  • An Independent Reviewer for CIPR Fellowship Nominations will review and ensure the nomination process has been followed correctly
  • The CIPR is responsible for going back to all those who have nominated to confirm if they are or are not being awarded a Fellowship.

How to nominate a member for consideration for Fellowship

  1. Email [email protected] for a nomination form – you must be a CIPR Member (MCIPR) or Fellow (FCIPR) to make a nomination.
  2. Nominations can be made at anytime of year and they are reviewed once a quarter by a dedicated CIPR staff member and an Independent Reviewer (running January to December). Successful new Fellows are entitled to a Fellowship Certificate, to use the post-nominal designation 'FCIPR' and to exercise voting rights in the affairs of the Institute.