1. This Privacy Notice relates to the collection of your personal data for the purpose of CIPR Membership. By sharing your personal data with us, you can access information that will support you and your career development as a public relations practitioner.

Who we are
2. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (‘CIPR’) advances professionalism in public relations by making its members accountable to their employers and the public through a code of conduct and searchable public register, setting standards through training, qualifications, awards and the production of best practice and skills guidance, facilitating Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and awarding Chartered Public Relations Practitioner status (Chart.PR).

What are the legal grounds for processing your personal data?

3. The legal basis on which we collect, store and process your personal data in order to fulfil the contract of membership.

4. The contract of membership, in terms of storing your personal data extends beyond the point at which your membership may come to an end.

What personal data do we collect to support your CIPR membership?

5. In order to manage your CIPR membership plan, we ask for your current contact details (which you should update by emailing [email protected] when they change). We also ask for your date of birth, which helps differentiate between members with similar names, and identify members eligible for the retired subscription rate.  We ask for your gender in order to set up the salutation in our correspondence with you.

6. We will record payments you make for your membership subscriptions.  If you pay by Direct Debit, details of this will be held in paper and on our database.  If you pay by credit card, we will use those details only once and destroy any record of them.

7. We will add notes to your member record if you contact us to indicate that you don’t wish to renew your membership, or to realise other queries.  This means that we know what you’ve contacted us about when you get in touch again.

How will we use your personal data?

8. We will use your data to fulfil the membership contract.  This includes some elements that you can opt-out of if you prefer (and can opt back into again if you want to). You can change your options by visiting the Preferences tab under your MyCIPR account, or by emailing [email protected]

9. We will send you regular member emails every week.  You can opt not to receive any of these if you prefer.  (However you may not opt out of receiving membership renewal correspondence).

10. We will email you an alert when a new quarterly issue of Influence Digital Magazine is released so that you don't miss out, unless you choose not to receive this. You can opt out by visiting the Preferences tab under your MyCIPR account.

11. In order to fulfil the contract of membership, we will email you when we introduce a new member benefit so that you are aware of everything that comes with your membership.

12. We will send you details of how to vote in CIPR elections, unless you choose not to receive these.

13. In order to fulfil the contract of membership, you will receive email flyers from the CIPR Group which represents your geographical region (based on your preferred mailing address), unless you have opted out from these emails. You can opt-out from these emails at any time by emailing [email protected].

14. We will email you quarterly with information on our Recommend a Friend scheme so that you can earn financial rewards when you refer your friends to membership.

15. We will keep in touch with exclusive offers and all the latest info on CIPR products and services, unless you choose not to receive these.

16. In order to fulfil the contract of membership, we will send you an email once per year after you renew to ask for your feedback and this will help us to measure member satisfaction and continually improve the services we provide to you. You can opt-out of this by emailing [email protected]

Diversity Monitoring

17. If you give us consent by selecting ‘Yes’ under the ‘Diversity Monitoring’ tab in MyCIPR, the CIPR may analyse in summary form (and not personally attributable to you), data about your age, health, ethnic group, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation, and social origins. We process this data based upon your explicit consent to monitor equality of opportunity or treatment between different groups of people so that everyone has access to our products and services equally. You can withdraw your consent to us using your data in this way at any time, by selecting ‘No’. Since this data is held on your membership record, the data will be held for seven years after you leave membership (unless you opt-out by selecting ‘No’ in the ‘Diversity Monitoring’ tab in MyCIPR) and then destroyed.

Sharing your personal data
18. In order to fulfil the contract of membership, we need to share your data with a number of suppliers.  All of the suppliers we deal with, and any subcontractors they use, are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

19. For the following elements of data sharing, it is only possible to opt out by terminating your membership.

• We hold our member data on the iMIS provided by iFINITY database, held on a hosted server operated by iMIS.

• When we take payments from you, we process them through Sagepay

• We share your data with a firm which contacts those whose membership is about to lapse to encourage them to renew (John Hall Associates, JHA). This data is used once and destroyed.

• If you choose to pay your subscription by Direct Debit, we share your data securely with GoCardLess. This data is used once and destroyed.

• If you renew your membership online, the data you provide will be used on the iMIS platform with payment taken via Sagepay. We use iMIS only to collect your data for our membership database. Once this has been done, the iMIS record is destroyed. It is not possible for the CIPR to destroy historic transaction records from Sagepay.

20. For the following elements of data sharing, it is possible to not receive the specified information by contacting [email protected].

• We share your contact data with our publishers (Think), who use it to mail out your copy of Influence magazine. This data is used once and destroyed.

• We share your contact data and membership number with the firm which organises CIPR elections (Mi-Voice). This data is used once and destroyed.

21. Recommend a Friend referral scheme

• If you successfully refer a new member to us under our Recommend a Friend scheme (or you are referred to us by a friend), we will share your email address with our Gift Card supplier, Amazon. They will use your email address only to send your e-gift card to you and for no other purpose. It is not possible for the CIPR to destroy historic transaction records from Amazon.

22. Donations to iprovision, the CIPR Benevolent Fund

• If you choose to make a donation to iprovision (the CIPR Benevolent Fund), and you request support, CIPR may share your category and length of current and former membership(s) with iprovision. This is to allow your eligibility for support to be ascertained. On no account will CIPR disclose that you are in receipt of iprovision services. CIPR will regularly remind non-donors of the opportunity to donate, and donors that they are making a recurring donation. You will be invited to Gift Aid your donation, and should you choose to do this, the data that you supply on your Gift Aid declaration will be shared with iprovision. This will be retained by iprovision for six years following the last donation in line with HMRC rules, and then destroyed. You should read this in conjunction with the iprovision privacy statement.

23. CIPR Connect App

If you choose to download the CIPR Connect App, some of your personal data will be pulled over to the App to create your App profile.  We share your name, contact details, employer, job title, membership status and other relevant membership information with Clowder, the CIPR Connect App provider.  Clowder will never contact you directly for any purpose whatsoever.  On downloading the CIPR Connect App you will have the option to enable or hide your location for the 'near me' function.  You can enable or disable this at any time in the App settings.  View our CIPR Connect guidelines for participation .

Managing your communication preferences

24. You can change your consent by emailing [email protected] .  This includes preferences for weekly CIPR Member News emails, CIPR groups, election information, Influence magazine, weekly Influence emails and information about other products and services offered by the CIPR, which includes the Recommend a Friend scheme.

After you leave CIPR Membership

25. You might expect that the contract ends when you leave membership, but this is not the case. Our regulations allow us to hear a complaint against a member up to seven years after the event which is being complained of.  Our regulations also allow us to hear complaints against former members.  In order for the CIPR to hear such complaints, it is necessary for us to retain your membership record even after you are no longer a member. When you join as a CIPR member and agree to the Code of Conduct, this is part of the contract you agree to.

To discuss any concerns about your personal data with the CIPR membership team, please contact:  [email protected]