Name. Anne Nicholls  

Career background
Specialist in PR/comms in the not-for-profit sector, mostly with education organisations. Over 30 years experience in roles ranged from senior press officer to head of communications/marketing at two university colleges. Have also worked as a journalist, writing features for women’s magazines and education pieces for the national press 

How long have you been a volunteer? 
10 years 

What made you want to volunteer with us and how did you get involved?
I started going to seminars and networking events and found them really useful. Then I met the chair of the Education & Skills Sector Group who suggested I joined the committee. I have also joined the committee of the Not-for-Profit sector group. 

What kind of work do you do on the committee?   
Blog writing. Doing the newsletter. Tweeting. Running and helping with events. 

What's been the best thing about volunteering so far?
Any particular highlight or achievement you're most proud of? Did you volunteer through the pandemic and how was that?  Getting involved with the two sector groups has been a hugely enriching experience as I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some really talented people and broaden my knowledge. Having people to bounce ideas off and just listening to what they are doing helps me to keep up to date with changes in the profession. Helping to organise the Education Journalism Awards for over 10 years has been a highlight..  

Why is volunteering important?
It is a way of keeping people engaged with the PR profession so they can continue to develop and avoid the trap of just doing what they’ve always done. Learning in the workplace can only get you so far, particularly if you are the sole communications professional . You need to network with others 

What would you say to another member thinking of volunteering?
Just get stuck in. The rewards are immense and you won’t ever regret it.