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Welcome to CIPR’s new Crisis Communications Network, an open and inclusive forum where CIPR members from across the globe can come together to learn about and share best practice in crisis communications.  Our aim is to spread and explore  lessons from crisis case studies, past and present. At the same time, we will bring the latest academic and real-world thinking in crisis communications and reputation risk to a wider audience of PR professionals. 
Our mission is to:
• Champion excellence in crisis communications
• Hold regular events to promote an understanding of best practice in crisis communications
• Provide practical, useful and relevant services  to CIPR members working in the fields of crisis communications and reputation risk
• Develop and provide access to tools and training in the field where appropriate
• Support and promote professional standards and ethical behaviour


Crisis Preparedness: Building Reputational Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World
Date: 18 November 2021 
Time: 13:00 –14:00 GMT 
Venue: Zoom 
Some have argued that COVID-19 has created a brave new world. In reality, the global pandemic has simply accelerated multiple existing dynamics already making their presence felt. Combined with the continued rise of ESG and integrated reporting, these trends have created a reputational risk environment of unprecedented complexity for professional communicators.

Our inaugural event aims to help you help your organisations put in place the processes, structures, policies and mindset required to detect and manage reputational risk and crises. Chris Tucker  (Chair) and Rod Cartwright  (Special Advisor) will take issues of risk and resilience head-on in conversation with Mark Hutcheon  (Director and Reputation Lead at Deloitte UK) based on Deloitte’s 2020 report "The World Remade". 
They will be joined by Joe Stockman  who spent 2020 working on New Zealand's response to COVID-19   as Strategic Communications Coordination Manager and Chief Adviser to the Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine.  Joe will describe how decisiveness, a successful communications strategy, a committed civil service and a degree of luck enabled New Zealand to navigate this crisis with enviable levels of public goodwill.

Free of charge 
This event is worth 5 CPD points

Future events 

“Why does everybody suddenly hate my brand?”
Understanding social media ‘angry mob’ psychology during a reputational crisis

“To the S-word (sorry!) and beyond”
Aligning communications counsel and legal advice in crisis comms

“Lessons from the frontline”
What can we learn about crisis from the military and emergency services?

“If you can keep your head….”
Crisis communications during and after a terror attack


You don’t have to specialise in crisis communications or reputation risk to join us: We welcome anyone with an interest in these areas. 

For further information email us at ciprccrisiscom@gmail.com
Or follow us on 
Twitter @CIPR Crisis Comms
Facebook @CIPRCrisisComms 






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