The Government’s approach to foreign lobbyists suggests wider reform is needed

19 May, 2022

The Queen’s Speech included plans for a new National Security Bill to regulate foreign lobbying activity. CIPR Public Affairs Group Chair Max Sugarman asks whether the move makes the case for a more radical overhaul of lobbying rules…

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 The impact of coronavirus on lobbying

17 June, 2020 

There’s been an explosion in webinars during the pandemic, and the CIPR Public Affairs Group was not going to miss out.  Our very first webinar took place in June (kicking off a series of webinars this summer) and was imaginatively about...

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A week certainly is a long time in politics

7 June, 2020 

If a week is a long time in politics, as Harold Wilson once said, God only knows what he would have made of the past ten days.  The political world is having to adjust quickly, in unprecedented circumstances. Prime Minister’s Questions is ...

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Public Affairs in the new normal

20 May, 2020 

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all professions across all sectors. For those working in public affairs, the post-COVID19 new normal will require a step change in how we think about, and plan for, the operation of government for ...

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