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We work closely with CIPR headquarters, following national trends, and exploring areas of interest such as Corporate Social Responsibility from our own 'Yorkshire and Lincolnshire' viewpoint. As well as organising events that enable us to meet the media, develop new skills and look behind the scenes at how other PR teams work, we work on raising the profile of the PR industry in the region.

Our prestigious regional PRide Awards, which take place each November, are widely covered in the business pages of most regional and local newspapers in the area. The annual 'Communicator of the Year' Award provides another opportunity for the CIPR to recognise excellence locally. If you are thinking of joining and are still unclear about what we have to offer you, please get in touch. The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire group is buzzing with activity and we are confident that you will benefit from joining us.


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Our committee

Sara Thornhurst

Laura Smith

Budget Manager

Kiera Woods


Mary Hampshire
Agnieszka Zychowicz
Dave Glanville
Naj Modak
Teela Clayton
Gary Taylor
Toisin Adejuwon
Akanbi Ajibola
Tom Underwood
Matthew Ridsdale
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