The CIPR Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations - #AIinPR - panel was founded in February 2018 to explore the impact and opportunities of artificial intelligence on public relations and the wider business community.

The #AIinPR panel has established an international reputation as a centre of excellence for promoting knowledge and understanding of AI within public relations, for its advisory role to businesses, organisations and brands, and for its focus on supporting practitioners to upskill into the areas of data, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Ethics Guide to Artificial Intelligence in PR

The world's first ever AI in PR ethics guide is out now.

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AI in pr: 2020 activities

The #AIinPR panel will undertake several key work projects in 2020, building on the successful outcomes of 2018 and 2019. This will further support communicators to understand the requirement to upskill into data, automation and artificial intelligence and to work smarter and faster in their own roles, but also to understand the vital associated ethical challenges of automation and artificial intelligence builds and deployment.

In 2020, the #AIinPR panel will:

  • Build on the success of the 'AI in the Professions' Research, at The Alan Turing Institute, London and continue to research the onset of automation and artificial intelligence on and in PR.
  • Publish the first 'AI in PR Ethics Guide' in the world (August 2020) and seek endorsements from global PR industry bodies, academia and business.
  • Continue to raise the profile of its work to communicators via CIPR and industry events around the world and through collaboration with global PR bodies.
  • Continue to formally contribute and respond to high level consultations and papers on artificial intelligence and its impacts and opportunities on society and also the professions.
  • Work further with businesses and organisations in the UK and globally to increase awareness of the vital role of communicators in advising and guiding on automation and AI deployment and the huge ethical considerations required.
  • Continue to work with academia and PR bodies on further education and awareness raising for communicators.
AI in PR activities 2018 and 2019

Ai in PR guides

Remain relevant by upskilling with a range of industry-leading resources on AI.

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AI in PR webinar

Our expert panel's perspectives on data science, automation and AI skills.


AI in PR toolstack

Crowdsourced tools to improve AI knowledge and expertise.

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in the media

The panel regularly issues formal comment on news and developments in AI.

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The panel's formal response to consultations on the impact of AI.

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About the panel

Find out about members and their work promoting the understanding of AI in PR.

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"It is vital PRs upskill into data, automation and AI. We’re behind other professions. Furthermore, it is imperative to have a full understanding of real data and AI, its rewards and risks, to keep our organisations and businesses 'safe' and also support our publics, organisations and businesses to realise the benefits of true, ethical AI."

Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR, FCIPR
AI in PR Panel Chair