AI: A literature repository - New

The effects of AI on the professions: A literature repository (PDF)

The CIPR Artificial Intelligence (#AIinPR) panel was founded in February 2018 to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on public relations and the wider business community. The panel has established an international reputation as a centre of excellence for promoting knowledge and understanding of AI. 


2019 AIinPR successes

#1 A research paper exploring the application of AI to the professions based on a literature and contemporary paper review, highlighting PR is 'Sleepwalking into AI'. 
#2 The launch of the #AIinPR tool stack
#3 The development of an international network of third-party sources to improve AI knowledge and expertise among CIPR members.
#4 A series of guides on the application of AI in PR and the media .
#5 Support for CIPR regional and sector groups, and other country PR bodies, with content and speakers on #AIinPR

In 2019, the AIinPR panel’s Skills Wheel from its Humans Still Required report was highly commended at the MemcomAwards
In 2018, the panel led events in Scotland, North East and London.


The panel have outlined their priorities for 2020.

The panel is undertaking several work projects in 2020, building on the successful outcomes of 2019 and supporting communicators to understand the requirement to upskill into data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to work smarter faster in their own roles but also the vital associated ethical challenges of automation and artificial intelligence deployment. 
Throughout 2020, the AIinPR panel will build on its successful launch of AI in the Professions Research, at The Alan Turing Institute, London and will continue to research the onset of automation and artificial intelligence on PR.
The AIinPR panel will publish an AI Ethics Guide for PRs.
The panel’s programme of UK and international events will continue, with panel members further raising the profile of its work to communicators via CIPR events and other PR industry conferences and also to the global PR community via collaborating with global industry bodies.
We will work further with businesses and organisations in the UK and globally to increase awareness of the important role of communicators in advising and guiding on automation and AI deployment, and the huge ethical considerations required.

AI: A literature repository - New

The effects of AI on the professions: A literature repository (PDF)

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AI in PR Primer Series

* Introduction to AI   - Jean Valin Hon FCIPR 
* AI and Data Ethics  - Ben Verinder Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR
* AI and Data Ethics - consequences for PR  - Ben Verinder Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR
* The Impact of AI in Media and PR - Andrew Bruce Smith FCIPR 

Other outputs

AI and Public Standards Review consultation response (PDF)
#AIinPR webinars
#AIinPR Crowdsourced tools database
Humans still needed: an analysis of skills and tools in public relations Humans still needed: an analysis of skills and tools in public relations (PDF) by Jean Valin Hon FCIPR
Artificial Intelligence and the New Imperative for Communications (WeComms AI White Paper)


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Why is PR sleepwalking into the threat of artificial intelligence?
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4 April, 2018

Artificial intelligence making PR smarter


CIPR #AIinPR response to European Commission AI Stakeholder Consultation on Draft AI Ethics Guidelines - January 2019

Panel members

Chair: Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR, FCIPR, UK Government
Stephen Waddington Found.Chart.PR, Hon, Metia
Professor Anne Gregory Hon FCIPR, Huddersfield University
Jean Valin Hon FCIPR, Valin Strategic Communications
Andrew Smith , Escherman
Emma Thwaites, Allegory Agency
Mark Burey, MCIPR, The Alan Turing Institute
Philip Young, MCIPR, Birmingham University
Maria Loupa MCIPR, Ballou UK
Laura Richards, MCIPR, Sunderland Software City
Ben Verinder Found.Chart.PR,MCIPR, Chalkstream
Dr Jon White Chart.PR, FCIPR, Independent consultant

Contact information

You can follow the conversation about #AIinPR using the hashtag on Twitter. Please contact Kerry Sheehan for further information.