On Tuesday, 20th September, the CIPR Inside held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), giving both committee members, CIPR members and followers to come together. Here’s a summary of the key highlights from the evening from the 2022 Chair, Dan Holden.

With the continued challenges facing committee members, helping their organisations navigate COVID-19 and the increased cost of living crisis. Yet, I’m always impressed at their commitment to supporting members and the profession, giving up their spare time.

We’re partnered with the CIPR South West committee to deliver an event focused on workplace wellbeing, held an open forum supporting LGBTQ+ communities, had a lunch and learn event with Mike Klein on a new internal communication manifesto and in the last week, launched our research findings on effective line manager communications!

This year, we continued our support of the Gallagher State of the Sector research and sponsored the Communicate Magazine 2022 Internal Communication and Engagement Awards. All this in addition to our regular blogs and social media activities and 2022 doesn’t stop here.

We have some refreshed resources to share for the AMEC measurement month in November, an event on the use of audio and podcasts for internal communications and an open event on our line manager research findings.

The AGM is also the time of year when the 2023 Committee are elected, and I’m pleased to share who they are.

Committee Officers
Chair – Dan Holden
Vice-Chair – Becky Williams
Officer – Katie Marlow

Committee members
Josh Smith-Johnson, Carly Cook, Merete Donlon, Elizabeth Hall, Binu Jacob, Noel Armstrong, Michael Smith, Sara Tehrani, Nicola Slack and Sarah Beber

I’d also like to thank Allan Kyobe Ssempebwa, Becky Paul, Chaya Mistry, Fiona Hatton, Ian Rumanyika, Marsha van Moorsel and Shalini Gupta for their contributions throughout the year as part of the 2022 committee.

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Upcoming events

The Power of Conversations audio event - https://www.cipr.co.uk/CIPR/EventDetailGroups?EventKey=IN22100403

Line manager research event - https://www.cipr.co.uk/CIPR/EventDetailGroups?EventKey=IN22092805

Interested in becoming a volunteer?
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