The ways we can help

iprovision can help in a number of ways:

Grants to meet specific needs

We can provide one-off grants to help cover specific circumstances, for example, to pay for an essential item like a washing machine, an aid to daily living, clothing or furniture. We can also help with home help costs, extra transport or extra heating costs.

The Trustees can also award monthly or quarterly grants for a limited period to ease hardship.

Those members receiving support from iprovision may be entitled to abatement of CIPR membership fees for up to a year.

Unfortunately, iprovision cannot provide grants to pay for CIPR annual subscriptions, business costs or business debts.

Help with respite care or care break costs

iprovision can provide help towards respite care or a care break costs for either you as a member or for a close dependant such as your partner, child or parent living with you.

Support and assistance

The Trustees will do everything to ensure that every applicant is getting all the support and help that might be available. The Administrator will talk with you about local and national services and benefits you may be entitled to, and iprovision can help put you in touch with employment and money and debt advisory services.

Feel uncomfortable accepting a grant?

Some members feel that they are not needy enough or have a short term situation.  Perhaps members are in difficulty whilst awaiting a lump sum payment, for example, for early retirement or an insurance claim following an accident, or they hope  to return to work and will then have sufficient income.  In this case iprovision is always receptive to a donation, at your discretion.  This may be part of the payment you recieve or equal to the amount you receive.  The member is not obligated in any way.