18. Best Broadcast Campaign

This award recognises a campaign that uses broadcast media (radio and/or TV) to reach its target audiences and achieve its objectives with best effect.


  • GolinHarris & St John Ambulance
    St John Ambulance 'Helpless' campaign

    The strong pairing of an impactful film with good public relations exploitation delivered a specific and measurable impact against clear objectives for St John Ambulance. The judges were particularly impressed by the consideration and effort put into packaging their story to make it a 'must take' for broadcasters across radio and TV. Also the team recognised the value of linking mainstream broadcast with social media. The agency and in-house team made a strategic choice to lead with broadcast and it clearly delivered.

    Case study: Best Broadcast Campaign


  • Barclays Bank
    The Customer Network Podcast
  • markettiers4dc
    The View from The Shard
  • MSL London
    "We Can Rebuild Him" - Turning Bionic Vision Into A Reality
  • Ogilvy PR London
    Pandamonium in London!

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