13:30 - Event open and networking

13:45 -13:50 - Welcome

13:50-14:30 - Opening speaker – Ralf Little – interviewed by CIPR President, Sarah Hall: The actor will discuss the social media minefield of celebrities with opinions and whether having more than 100,000 followers on Twitter means that he has a responsibility to voice his opinions, followed by Q&A with the audience.

14:30-15:30 - Choose one of the three following sessions:

  • Polpeo, Live crisis simulation: manage a crisis breaking on social media: Experience what it’s like to manage a live crisis as it unfolds on social and digital media. Using Polpeo, an interactive crisis simulation platform, you will work in teams to manage a company’s reputation as a crisis hits in real-time. The session is fast-paced, realistic and a great way to learn or practise crisis handling skills.
  • Reuben Sinclair, 7 ways to hire the PR talent you want, without using recruiters: The way in which talent is attracted and recruited is changing faster than ever. We have an abundance of tools and options but there is also growing competition to win the best people. We know that there is plenty of talent to be attracted– you just need to know how. This workshop will cover 7 key points that will help you hire the talent you desire/transform your talent acquisition strategy whilst systematically improving recruitment processes and reducing costs – all without using recruiters.
  • Vuelio, Meet the Influencers: Vuelio has hand-picked a selection of their blog award winners and nominees to take part in a Q&A on building lasting, meaningful and productive relationships that will give you the confidence to create influencer outreach and blogger campaigns that really deliver.

15:30-15:45 - Break and networking

15:45-16:45 - Panel discussion with Chair Valentina Kristensen from Influence Editorial Board: "Entrepreneurial branding, starting from zero…" - a panel discussion with three of the most successful new brands in the foodie world who will tell us all about their strategies and tactics for branding and messaging from the beginning  of the journey to now:

  • Kathryn Coury - Marketing Director of Brasserie Bar Co
  • Rebecca Di Mambro - Head of Innovation at LEON – naturally fast food
  • Rob Robinson - Co- founder of Notes

16:45-17:30 - Presentation by Melanie Ward, Director of Policy & Advocacy – Europe - International Rescue Committee

17:30 - Event close