Becoming a CIPR teaching centre

The CIPR approves organisations as teaching centres after they've shown they can provide the teachers and teaching facilities to conduct courses and mark students' assignments. We set the assessment timetable and assignments, check the centres' marking of these assessments then issue the qualification certificates. Within this framework, centres can arrange the teaching timetable with the amount of contact time set by the CIPR and furnish students with other necessary resources as appropriate.

CIPR qualifications are increasingly diverse in level and extent but all are designed for part-time study. The flagship award remains the Diploma (Masters level) which comprises 3 equal units each with its own assessment and taught and studied over a year. The Advanced Certificate (First Degree level) follows the same pattern. Other courses are shorter in duration.

Centres are at liberty to decide which CIPR qualifications they feel able to provide. Their decision on this will depend on the expertise of the teaching staff they can deploy and their view on the student market available to them. We collaborate with teaching centres in the process of recruiting students. CIPR teaching centres (in the UK and overseas) are responsible for collecting all course fees and forwarding the CIPR Awarding Body fees to the CIPR.

In order to be recognised as a teaching centre, you need to go through an approval process. This involves completing a form and arranging a site inspection. The fee payable is £1,000 + expenses. For overseas applicants, these expenses may be considerable. The form is available from Sukhjit Singh Grewal, Director of Membership and Professional Development. Email