Previous intern job application cover letter

[Job title]

Dear [name]

My proven track record of successfully performing [xxx] on various [xxx] makes me an ideal candidate for the [xxx] opportunity that you have listed on/in [xxx].

You specify that you are looking for someone with [xxx] skills. Last summer, I was given the opportunity to undertake an [add duration] internship at [xxx]. I worked within the [xxx] and assisted staff with [xxx]. As a result, I played an active role within the group and helped them to [xxx]. This process involved using [xxx] skills that I acquired through actively participating in [xxx] for my [xxx] degree.

My ability to work well as part of team also relates to my success within this group. These attributes, combined with my enthusiasm to learn, were essential to my contributions and success during this internship.

I believe that I can apply the same skills within my internship last summer to a position within your company. I look forward to discussing the position with you in more detail and hopefully looking to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time. Thank you for your consideration.


[Signature in black ink]
[Full name typed]