Work experience cover letter

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[Name of person you are writing to]
[Job title]
[Address of organisation]
[Your address]
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Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs ………..

I am a [name the year] student studying for a [degree] in public relations at [name of university]. I am keen to put into practice all the skills I have learnt on the course with an eminent organisation such as yours. I am self-motivated and enthusiastic and take great pride in my work.

You will see from my CV that I have experience in researching facts and figures for press releases, drafting press releases, drawing up media lists, conducting a telephone ring round, organising a photo call, brainstorming ideas for a proposal, writing contact reports of meetings, helping to 'sell in' a story to a journalist, and helping to organise a press event. These are all skills that I believe would be an asset to you.

I feel sure that I could be of help. For example, you may find an extra pair of hands useful in delegating tasks to a capable junior like me at a time when your organisation may be stretched.

My involvement with your organisation may also give you some breathing space to tackle those tasks that you had promised yourself you would do, if only you had the time and people resources! I can be that temporary resource.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to work for you on a complimentary basis to hone my PR skills to perfection. Will you give me a try? Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read through my letter and CV. I hope to hear from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,

[Full name typed]