Jennifer Kitch - University of Lincoln

Name: Jennifer Kitch

Course studied: BA Hons in Marketing & PR at the University of Lincoln

A-Levels studied: English Literature, Business Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Religion and Philosophy.

Find Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferann91.

Why did I choose to do a degree in PR?

When I was in Year 10 at High School I had to complete two weeks of work experience. I was really lucky to be able to go to a local theatre company. Here I worked within all the different departments over the course of the two weeks. The marketing and public relations department was definitely my favourite, from what they got to do to everyone's positive attitude, it was an area I was keen to develop into.

What do I do day-in-day-out at university?

Over the previous two years at university I have had the usual lectures and seminars, and been part of the society which includes PR. But more so in my second year, I worked closely with one of my lecturers and did quite a bit of work experience with her, alongside work experience I'd organised for myself. However throughout university so far, there has been real mix in how University is on a day to day basis, with the end of terms usually being busier than the beginning!

What have I learned from my degree?

So far from my degree I've really got to grips with the foundations of PR, the main theories behind it and also the blogging and tweeting that inevitably goes with it! But PR is more than that, I've learnt how a communications office runs, what a press officer does, how to manage PR and use it practically in other varied organisations.

What have I gained from being a student member of the CIPR?

Quite a lot! I have the huge privilege of having the opportunity and being my University's CIPR Student Rep for the past year. This involved going to CIPR HQ in London for the day and then, creating my own networking event at my University. With my course being CIPR accredited, its noted by most employers, so I can only say that by doing a PR accredited course, alongside work experience in PR that I've done, it's helped me to get the placement I am now on.

What motivates me about going in to PR?

Going into PR will mean that no one day will be the same and most likely there will be 10 things to do to get to point A, but all 10 things are needed and are creative. This is what motivates me. So far on my placement I have had to do above for different lots of points A's! Even though it's in Marketing, talking to the people in PR it's pretty similar there too. Also, from work experience I did in a Communications Office in the Public Sector, it's very much the same. I only worked there one afternoon a week but every week I would be working on different areas.

What advice do I have for someone considering a career in PR?

The biggest piece of advice I think I could to anyone considering a career in public relations is to constantly be looking for experience. Be it through your university lecturer or going into offices, do it! Sometimes you won't get paid, but what you get back is worth it, either by getting a greater understanding to help you at university or helping you eventually get into a company where you can progress.