CIPR Election 2018

Statement by the Returning Officer 

At the close of nominations, the following persons had put their names forward and are elected to the corresponding posts.

President-Elect  - 1 nominee for 1 seat
Scotland  - 1 nominee for 1 seat
Wales  - 1 nominee for 1 seat
Northern Ireland - no nomination 
English Regions  - 4 nominees for 5 seats
Sectoral Groups - 6 nominees for 8 seats
Open List  - 9 nominees for 8 seats

One candidate for the Open List was already successful for the Sectoral Groups List, and their name was therefore removed from the Open List, giving:

Open List - 8 nominees for 8 seats

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Jenni Field – Elected

Nominated by:
Rachel Miller
Sarah Pinch
Trudy Lewis
John Wilkinson
Paul Beckford
Eva Maclaine
Stuart McBride
Laura Sutherland
Bridget Aherne
Advita Patel

Nations Seats

Jenifer Stirton - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Scotland

Laurian Hubbard - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Cymru/Wales

Regions seats

Hayley James - Elected
Nominated by CIPR North West

Chris Taylor - Elected
Nominated by CIPR North East

Nicola Brown - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Greater London

Gary Taylor - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Sectoral seats

Andras Sztaniszlav - Elected
Nominated by CIPR International

Alison Tobin - Elected 
Nominated by CIPR Education and Skills Group

Andrew Bartlett - Elected
Nominated by CIPR STEM

Michael Blowers - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Marketing Communications

Mandy Pearse - Elected
Nominated by CIPR Local Public Service Group

Daniel Gerrella - Elected
Nominated by CIPR CAPSIG

Open List Seats

Peter Holt - Elected

Nominated By:
Anya Richards
Paul Compton
Lorraine Calvert
Carl Holloway
Patricia Hewett

Kerry Sheehan - Elected

Nominated By:
Mandy Pearse
Jason McKenzie
Claire Melia
Giuseppina Valenza
Tim Borrett

Rachel Royall - Elected

Nominated By:
Ann Pilkington
Nicky Garsten
Steve Shepperton Smith
Jason MacKenzie
Sarah Roberts

Lindsey Collumbell - Elected

Nominated By:
Jason MacKenzie
Sarah Pinch
Emma Leech
Kevin Taylor
Eva Maclaine

Clare Parker - Elected

Nominated By:
Ben Verinder
Jason MacKenzie
Sam Harrison
Charlotte Dimond
Steve Shepperton Smith

Deb Sharratt - Elected

Nominated By:
Anne-Marie Lacey
Hayley James
Kerry Sheehan
Chris Taylor
Sally Keith

Andy Green - Elected

Nominated By:
John Wilkinson
Cornelius Alexander
Richard Bailey
Susan Fox
Graham Goodkind

Trudy Lewis - Elected

Nominated By:
Janet Morgan
Jenni Field
Advita Patel
Deborah Aurelius
Katie Marlow

Martin Turner MCIPR Found. Chart. PR. (Returning Officer)

Background information 

You can find information about the roles below:

The CIPR has adopted a 3-year strategic framework . The role of Council is to discuss  the challenges and opportunities facing public relations, to develop the 3-year strategy and annual workplan,  to choose the Board of Directors and to coordinate the work of the Standing Committees.

Information on the CIPR's Election regulations is available here

How Council is elected 

Members vote online or by phone, choosing candidates from a number of different lists:

8 seats – Open List. Any full member may stand for election. All voting members vote on this list.
8 seats – Sector Groups List. Any full member nominated by the committee of one of the CIPR’s sector Groups may stand for election. All full members vote on this list.
5 seats – English Regional Groups List. Any full member nominated by the committee of one of the CIPR’s English Regional Groups may stand for election. Full members in England only may vote on this list.
3 seats – Scotland, Wales and Northern Irelands Group Lists. Any full member nominated by the committee of the CIPR’s Scotland, Wales Groups may stand for election. Only full members in reach respective nation only may vote on this list.
3 seats – the President-Elect, elected by all voting members, as well as the current CIPR President and Immediate Past President, who were elected in previous years.

If you have any questions about the conduct of the election, please contact the Returning Officer, Martin Turner, at