CIPR CPD is free to use, has hundreds of free activities to choose from and is a significant investment in your own development. For the 2016/17 CPD year we want to help even more of you to achieve your career goals - we now have more than 1100 activities for you to choose from.

Goal setting tool

Don't leave your CPD until the last minute! Plan your CPD journey using our goal setting tool. It will give focus to your learning and development activities and help you to measure your success at the end of the CPD year.

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The benefits of CPD

Credits to Jo Twisleton and Spiked Media for producing the video

Why invest in CPD?

It's an unpredictable world. PR is constantly changing. New trends emerge, disciplines converge, best practice evolves. Client and employer expectations are changing too.

CPD is about developing your career adaptability and building the skills to meet tomorrow's challenges. It's giving yourself confidence to own the opportunities. It's pausing to take stock of where you are and where you want to be - and it's part of being a professional.

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