What is being assessed?

  1. The assessment is designed to be ‘content non-specific’. It does not matter if:
  • you have only worked in an agency, only in-house, or only in the public sector
  • you have only worked in a single sector such as healthcare or higher education, or whether you have a broader experience
  • you have only worked in one specialism, such as public affairs or internal comms, or whether you have broader experience
  1. What does matter is that whatever your background, you are able to reflect on your own experience and on the experience of others (drawn from the discussion on your assessment day and in the study materials you are sent in advance) and satisfy the assessors that:
  • you can practice ethically, by thinking about the wider consequences of your actions, and not just do whatever a client asks of you
  • you can think strategically, beyond the confines of an individual campaign, about what will best serve your organisation/client’s long-term interests, and advise accordingly
  • you can demonstrate leadership, by showing your understanding of context and what can be achieved in different circumstances, identifying and resolving challenges effectively, collaborating with others and exercising your professional judgment appropriately
  1. The assessors need to be satisfied that you are an ‘autonomous professional’ – not that you know everything or can do everything, but that you understand the limits of your abilities, are able to seek advice and support where needed, and are able to deliver a consistently high standard of work.
  2. You are probably at the right career stage to become chartered when:
  • You are responsible for the management of at least one other person, or are about to take on this responsibility
  • You are responsible for planning, advising or delivering at a level beyond single campaigns