CPD evidence

If you're logging any non-CIPR activity – even if it's listed in the CPD database – you'll need to upload evidence.

Evidence is optional for CIPR activities.

What sort of evidence?

Your evidence should be formal, third-party confirmation that you attended or completed the activity. For further details, take a look at our CPD points and evidence table (PDF, opens in a new window). Your evidence will need to contain your name and the title and date of the event. Your evidence might include:

  • completion or attendance certificates
  • results certificates
  • confirmation letter or email from your manager, HR team or event organiser
  • screen shot of web page confirming completion of an online activity
  • booking form
  • delegate lists.

We don't accept as evidence:

  • generic emails, letters or documents that don't include your name or the event details
  • examples of work you produced as part of the activity
  • copies of training materials (for example the PPT presentation from a training course).

Help – I did an informal activity so I don't have any evidence

If you're logging an informal activity (carrying out a self-study project, for example) it may not be possible to provide formal, third-party evidence.

In these cases you'll need to provide a learning log that shows what you did, when, how long you spent and what resources you used.

For reading books and short publications you'll need to supply the full title and publication details and answer the evaluation questions on the logging page.