Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Welcome to the CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Group. The aim of the group is to provide a local support network for CIPR members.



If you would like to become more actively involved in the CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Group, please email yorkslincs@cipr.co.uk.

We work closely with CIPR headquarters, following national trends, and exploring areas of interest such as Corporate Social Responsibility from our own 'Yorkshire and Lincolnshire' viewpoint.

As well as organising events that enable us to meet the media, develop new skills and look behind the scenes at how other PR teams work, we work on raising the profile of the PR industry in the region.

Our prestigious regional PRide Awards, which take place each November, are widely covered in the business pages of most regional and local newspapers in the area.

The annual 'Communicator of the Year' Award provides another opportunity for the CIPR to recognise excellence locally.

If you are thinking of joining and are still unclear about what we have to offer you, please get in touch. The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire group is buzzing with activity and we are confident that you will benefit from joining us.

PR Professionals

The CIPR is UK-wide and offers training and development leading to professional qualifications that are increasingly demanded by employers. We also strive to ensure high standards of professionalism and conduct among our members.

A committee of Yorkshire & Lincolnshire based PR professionals looks after the interests of CIPR members in the region - organising annual and monthly events; arranging and communicating training and career development opportunities in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire; providing a voice for the profession in the region; communicating national CIPR information to the regional membership base; and working in partnership with universities in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire on a number of fronts.


CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire showcases the best of communications with our annual PRide Awards. They are a fitting way to celebrate the development of public relations - highlighting members' commitment to high quality work and the growing importance of the profession in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire members meet regularly to catch up with colleagues and hear from a wide range of speakers. It's a good way of keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. See our events page for more information.