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Membership says a lot about you and does a lot for you. It shows you believe in professional standards – and you deliver them. It puts you at the centre of a community that shares your values and raises your expectations.

  • CIPR Membership fees are VAT-exempt. If you are UK-based and self-employed or do self-assessment tax, membership fees are also tax-deductible. (If your employer is paying, CIPR membership fees are a tax-deductible business expense)
  • It costs nothing extra to sign up to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and plan your learning. After 3 years of CPD you are eligible to become chartered.

JOIN NOW online if you wish to pay by credit card. Applications are normally considered on the next working day.

If you prefer not to pay by credit card you will need to select the membership grade that's most appropriate and send an application form (by post or email) along with payment details for your fees (your annual subscription and your admission fee).

We'll process your application and email you when your membership is activated. You'll receive your membership pack a few weeks after you join.

Please note that if you are involved in lobbying, it is a condition of CIPR membership that you sign up to the UK Lobbying Register (UKLR). There is no addtional charge for this registration, but the process is separate from your membership application.

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