Corporate Affiliate

Who is it for?

  • In-house teams
  • Agencies
  • Organisations with various teams and departments grouping together
  • Minimum of 10 members required

Corporate Affiliate Member list here.

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What are the benefits?

Your team will get all the usual individual member benefits, plus you’re company will get all this:

  • Reduced Fees

The more members you have, the lower your rate. Examples here.

  • No joining fee for new members

Save £55 per new member!

  • Single annual invoice for employer

Save time, hassle and paperwork.

  • 35% discount on training

For all those listed as part of the Corporate Affiliate Membership. Browse over 50 courses

  • 10% discount on qualifications

Further discounts may apply for Corporate Affiliates with mutliple candidates. Browse qualifications

  • 30% venue hire discount

Use our building in Russell Square for meetings and events. Browse venue rates

  • Bespoke training

For larger teams or specialised roles, we can tailor workshops to your specific needs.

  • See tangible staff development

Through CPD, staff can demonstrate their skills and work towards becoming Accredited and Chartered PR Practitioners.

  • Acknowledgement of your in-house activity

Your own internal sessions, events or publications can be approved and added to CPD.

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional, ethical PR

The use of CA CIPR member logo is a globally recognised indicator of professionalism, a commitment to ethical practice and investment in people.


A new team of ten each attending one workshop would save £2,900 as a Corporate Affiliate.

A team of a hundred each attending one workshop would save £36,000 as a Corporate Affiliate.


Complete the below enquiry form and we’ll be in touch very soon. Or call 020 7631 6902 / (0)7387018306 to speak with Rob Morbin, Head of Engagement.