Detailed entry criteria


  • Not currently working in PR but interested in the public relations profession.

Associate (ACIPR): open to UK or international PR professionals who:

Member (MCIPR): open to UK or international PR professionals who:

Fellow (FCIPR): by nomination only

  • Awarded by the Institute to existing Members (MCIPR) in recognition of a significant contribution to the Institute or the profession.

Student: open to students on a higher education course lasting at least 12 months

  • Student membership costs £35 per annum (for membership until 30 September 2019).

Global Affiliate:

  • This is a non-professional online-only membership for non UK residents working in or interested in PR. It includes access to all our online resources and free membership of the CIPR International group. It does not include a membership certificate, designatory letters or logos, or accreditation opportunities.

What counts as public relations / communications experience?

Check our list of communications disciplines that count towards Associate and Member grade.

If you are currently working in PR and have more than two years' experience in one of the related disciplines such as journalism or marketing, you can fast track to Member (MCIPR) grade via our career conversion route: join as an Associate (ACIPR) and upgrade to Member (MCIPR) on completion of the CIPR Foundation Award, which will help you to make the transition into your new career.