Independent Professionals Network

Welcome to the CIPR IP network, the only network group dedicated to independent and freelance communication professionals at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. The group extends a warm welcome to PR and communications professionals across the globe. CIPR IP network brings members together to discuss, network and learn from each another about issues facing communicators working independently, whether in the UK or abroad.  If you are already a member we hope you will find the site interesting and informative. If you are not, please consider joining this dynamic group!

Our mission

We aim to support CIPR members working independently across a variety of sectors as well as those who would like to make the move to freelance/independent practice. Independents face unique challenges and we aim to facilitate understanding and find solutions, learn and share stories and best practice.

Our members

Our members are professionals who work independently, whether they are working freelance contracts within organisations, or working directly with clients in the UK or abroad we all share common ground of being independent.  Our members have a wealth of multi-faceted experience. The network brings together professionals with a wealth of experience to network, discuss, and learn from each other about the issues facing communicators working independently today. We do this by holding face-to-face events as well as virtual meetings so that our colleagues across the country and overseas can take part.

Join us

If you are already a member of the CIPR but not a part of the CIPR independents network – please complete this registration form – checking ‘IP network’. Note that this is separate and in-addition to your five sectoral group choices.  You will then have access to all our resources including £100 off* training and lower ticket prices for events. If you are not yet a member, come and help us grow our network and increase our profile within the industry.

 For details on how to join the CIPR see here.

*Time-limited offers for this discount are made to  Network members from time to time.