The Not-for-Profit Group supports anyone working with PR and communications in the not-for-profit sector. The aim of the group is to provide members with the ability to develop skills and broaden their knowledge base within the third sector.



Andrew Garratt

Vice Chair:

Navprit Rai

Treasurer :

Claire Melia- Tompkins


Holly Wilkins and Gemma Pettman


Are you a member of the CIPR? Choose the Not-for-Profit sector group for free as part of your membership. As an alternative method of joining, or to find out more about the Not-for-Profit Group, please email the committee at

Events and resources

We hold regular meetings with top rank speakers from the media, not-for-profit organisations and other relevant sectors. There are half-day workshops to build your skills in corporate identity, high profile event management and the like. We publish a newsletter to keep you up-to-date on developments in the field, run a peer-mentoring scheme and give you access to the CIPR member directory.

How you can get involved

Members of the Not-for-Profit Group can get involved in a number of ways through: