CIPR Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have launched HiPR! The UK's first WhatsApp newsletter for the PR industry. HiPR! will provide fortnightly updates on local events and training from the CIPR, as well as news and views from agencies and in-house teams across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire – all direct to your mobile phone.

Come and try it out!

To join follow the instructions below.

  • Add us to your Contacts (07541 593938- save as HiPR!)
  • Go into your WhatsApp, click on new message, select HiPR! and send us the message "JOIN" followed by your full name, for example: "JOIN Joe Bloggs"
  • You will receive a welcome message within one working day and fortnightly updates will follow
  • To unsubscribe from the service, simply send us a message "Unsubscribe" at any time